And Lo She Gave Birth In The Fusion, For There Was No Room At The Inn

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Another gem the department of oversharing at The Ford Story:

This may seem a little weird but its not common, On Oct.27 2009 i started having labor pains, Here in Hawaii everything is so close but it was about 8:00 am and traffic here is horrible. My husband and i left to the hospital expecting a normal delivery and no problems, well like i said traffic is horrible here what would of been 30 mins to the hospital ended up as an hour drive with my husband driving down the side lanes and finally calling for a police escort, the whole time this was going on i went into labor while sitting in the front seat and holding onto the anything in the car. I gave birth to our daughter 10 mins away from the hospital in the front seat of our fusion!! With all the crazy driving screaming and yelling we got there safe with our new little girl and no damages to the car inside and out!.I’ve got to say thank you Ford for making a spacious Safe car that got us safely to the hospital…

Ford Fusion: now with placenta-repelling leather seats. Seriously, does this even qualify as a testimonial?

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • 50merc 50merc on Dec 08, 2009

    Cleanup on aisle 2! Childbirth is messy, for those whose experience with it has been limited to watching sitcoms. (Nor is it as noisy as Hollywood depicts it.) That couple should have gotten an Element that can be cleaned out with a hose.

  • John Holt John Holt on Dec 08, 2009

    Resale value = tanked.

  • T.W T.W on Dec 08, 2009

    Maybe TTAC should ask their Best and Brightest to submit their own syrupy versions of a Ford story The more cliched the better, and extra points for pointless flag waving, dissing foreign automakers and /or bad spelling and grammer.

  • Rusted Source Rusted Source on Dec 08, 2009

    Ford may have to reconsider the size of cup holders they put in upcoming models.