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Aren't you glad we're not pushing the NSFW envelope with this one? (

Another gem the department of oversharing at The Ford Story:

This may seem a little weird but its not common, On Oct.27 2009 i started having labor pains, Here in Hawaii everything is so close but it was about 8:00 am and traffic here is horrible. My husband and i left to the hospital expecting a normal delivery and no problems, well like i said traffic is horrible here what would of been 30 mins to the hospital ended up as an hour drive with my husband driving down the side lanes and finally calling for a police escort, the whole time this was going on i went into labor while sitting in the front seat and holding onto the anything in the car. I gave birth to our daughter 10 mins away from the hospital in the front seat of our fusion!! With all the crazy driving screaming and yelling we got there safe with our new little girl and no damages to the car inside and out!.I’ve got to say thank you Ford for making a spacious Safe car that got us safely to the hospital…

Ford Fusion: now with placenta-repelling leather seats. Seriously, does this even qualify as a testimonial?

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22 Comments on “And Lo She Gave Birth In The Fusion, For There Was No Room At The Inn...”

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    I can only imagine what would have happened in a Mini Cooper.

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      They might have made it in time in a Mini – they’re great in traffic when you’re in a hurry. Then again, if it was an S with 17 inch rims and the run flats, the kid would have popped out from the impact of the first road expansion joint or pebble in the road that they hit.

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    That story skeevs me out.

    And, on an unrelated note, it appears that we can finally edit our comments again. Yay!

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      The story’s one thing. The spelling, capitalization, and punctuation is another. In general, this is not the type of thing I’d want to put on my website. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot indeed.

      I just dropped by that site, and it’s a treasure trove of misspellings and poor grammar. Wow. Ford should really make an effort to make the people driving their cars to look at least slightly more intelligent. I wouldn’t want my reputation to be as the automaker of choice for high school dropouts.

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    If they had a Toyota, the floor mat would have killed them. In the Fusion however, they completed their trip safely. Although the Fusion did not get to the hospital like this,
    Seriously though,  how is this a testimonial? All it basically said, was that they completed their trip, something even a Volga would be capable of doing 98% if the time.

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    A pick-up would have been so much more practical.

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    Ford Fusion.  Give birth in one.  Drive one.

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    Nice story; makes me want to post the one about the time that I was driving my company Taurus through the middle of nowhere.

    It was raining so hard I could barely see past the front bumper and I really, really needed to take a leak…

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    A Fusion is a “spacious car”? Compared to what, a Smart4two?
    How about testimonials on how everytime I drive my F-150 more than 300 miles something breaks, a diagnostic code gets thrown, and the paint flakes off a little bit more. Ford is coming around this year, no need for them to prime the pump with fluff stories about births in the back seat. Maybe the kid was made there too,  now that would be an interesting testimonial to how spacious a Fusion is.
    BTW the kid and I have the same birthday, lucky us.

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      How about testimonials on how everytime I drive my F-150 more than 300 miles something breaks, a diagnostic code gets thrown, and the paint flakes off a little bit more.
      Ford doesn’t want the truth interrupting their fairy tale…err…”story”.

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      My best friend spent a zillion dollars and bought a King Ranch a few years back. You would not believe the piece of shit leather they used on the seats in that thing. The leather seats in my ’94 Crown Vic look brand new compared to the ones in that F150. And his are maybe all of three years old now… Otherwise it’s a pretty nice truck but God, was it expensive.

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    I feel sorry for the next guy who buys that Fusion as a used car.
    “The passenger seat has a weird smell..”
    Dealer: “That’s normal.”

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    Similar thing happened with my brother.  Born in the back of a 1978 LTD Country Squire.

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    This could make a great commercial!!
    Teenager graduates with honors…  Dad hands him the keys to the new car “Fusion… A safe/reliable car you would buy for your only son”.  Son takes his girlfriend to the drive in…  Windows steam up.. “Fusion… Room to spare for when you can’t afford a room”
    9 months later.. on the way to the hospital stuck in traffic… You hear a baby cry.. “Fusion, kid friendly from day one!”
    3 months later you see the teenager selling the car to pay for the hospital bills.. “Fusion, resale values that can’t be beat!”

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    Ford Fusion: now with placenta-repelling leather seats.
    Now that’s funny!!!
    Seriously, does this even qualify as a testimonial?
    On a doula website, if a doula had been there. But she could just as easily give a testimonial for the state of Hawaii, for the great United States of America, or for the Milky Way Galaxy. All are just as relevant as the Fusion. Heck, she might better credit the Frenchman, Nicholas Joseph Cugnot, for having invented the automobile. Oh, just gag me with a spoon

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    For Ford, positioning the Focus as a chick car is a vast blunder.

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    So a baby was born in the front seat of a Fusion, big deal.    How many were conceived in the back seat of a Beetle?

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    Cleanup on aisle 2!
    Childbirth is messy, for those whose experience with it has been limited to watching sitcoms. (Nor is it as noisy as Hollywood depicts it.)  That couple should have gotten an Element that can be cleaned out with a hose.

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    John Holt

    Resale value = tanked.

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    Maybe TTAC should ask their Best and Brightest to submit their own syrupy versions of a Ford story
    The more cliched the better, and extra points for pointless flag waving, dissing foreign automakers and /or bad spelling and grammer.

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    Kyle Schellenberg

    Ford may have to reconsider the size of cup holders they put in upcoming models.

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