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Z2 rendering

Think the new Z4 is a bloated boulevard cruiser unworthy of the roadster-implying Z badge? We’d tend to agree. Which is why we were chuffed to see renderings of a possible BMW 1 Series-based Z2 roadster in the most recent Auto Motor und Sport (print edition). Several Einser engines will be available say AM und S, up to and including the 306 hp 135i engine. BMW M division boss Kay Segler even hints that an M car based on the 1 series is in the works. This roadster seems like as good a variant as any for the treatment.

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17 Comments on “Wild Ass Rumor Of The Day: Meet the 1 Series-based Roadster...”

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    Does the US market need a ‘sports’ BMW  roadster

    I have seen only 1 male drive a Z3/4 and he eventually killed it by running it after the waterpump died.

    While I’m not certain of other continents most of the women here driving the Z3/4 are doing so because they wouldn’t be caught dead in a Miata

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    So should we expect this car to be almost as heavy as the Z4, but much smaller and nearly as expensive? No thanks. A proper Z4 M is enough to fix the few shortcomings that the current roadster has. I will say too bad that there’s no soft top option, some of us still like them.

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      Mirko Reinhardt

      The current Z4 has put on enough weight for them to NEED a smaller roadster.
      I don’t see what would make the current Z4 attractive to anybody under 60, honestly. It’s like a SL. White-hair-mobile.

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    Hey, why not drop that two liter Diesel in that car?

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    BMW: A car company thrashing around in the dark, jumping at shadows.

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    So I’m guessing that this roadster is approximately the same size as the original Z3.

    Sort of like the current Civic is about the same size as the original Accord.

    Sort of like the current Corolla is about the same size as the original Camry.

    Sort of like the current Sentra is about the same size as the original Altima.

    Sort of like the current…

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    I’d be interested but not at  $40K which is what it’s going to cost (I bet).  Too many good choices out there for that kind of money.
    And, I have to agree – BMW  has gone insane. They have waaaaay too many models now. A company that tries to be everything to everybody ends up being nothing, in the end.  Ask GM.

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    This is exactly the kind of bloat nonsense that Mercedes Benz does. They released the SL, which progressively got larger, so they filled in gap left in the small roadster market with the SLK, which is, apparently, also suffering from The Bloat. Weren’t there rumors of a sub-SLK roadster? I mean, is this an endless cycle, because it’s pretty stupid.
    And I completely second Lokkii — too many damn models. 1-series (coupe+sedan), 3-series (ditto), M3, 5 series, 5 GT, M5, 6 series, M6, X1, X3, X5, X5M, X6, X6M, 7 series (and long wheelbase variants), and Z4.

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      Having seen the process in action, I believe the manufacturer thinking is along these lines; the “new” model gets larger preserving the price justification, and then they “slip” a new nameplate in beneath it. It theoretically has a positive effect on the outgoing model’s resale value.
      BMW seem to be obsessive compulsive when it comes to that particular marketing “theory” at the moment however.

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      The Manic Eightball enumerates: “1-series (coupe+sedan), 3-series (ditto), M3, 5 series, 5 GT, M5, 6 series, M6, X1, X3, X5, X5M, X6, X6M, 7 series (and long wheelbase variants), and Z4.”
      Counting Ms as separate models seems to be falling for the simplest of badge engineering. The M3 is part of the 3-series model range, the M5 is just the top of the 5-series, etc, and so on. Dunno if I’d count the LWB Seven separately from the rest of them; I’d guess not, because after all it’s no more of a difference than between “coupe+sedan”, which you were OK with counting as parts of the same model range. Speaking of which, you did miss one thing: The “estate”/”wagon”/whatever variants of the three- and five-series. (Not the One, though, right?)
      So that brings us to, les’see: 1-series (coupe+sedan), 3-series (coupe+sedan+estate), 5-series (sedan+estate), 5 GT, 6-series, X1, X3, X5, X6, 7 series (SWB+LWB), and Z4.
      What with removing some, but adding others, that makes 16 variants in all, in stead of your 19.

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    It’s still too big & heavy.  I’d go for a z-zero.  Actually, that’s not a bad name, I should probably trademark it.  Nah, BMW probably won’t produce anything approximating Z1 size anymore.  Although that late 80s model was particularly ugly, even relative to the current crop.

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    Why do BMWs have to me so damn fugly?

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    Rod Panhard

    Lightweight roadsters? Damn straight I’m interested. If memory serves correct, BMW might still be sitting on a few names that we (car enthusiasts) associate with roadsters. Such as Triumph.
    A 1-series based reasonably priced, Miata-esque roadster? Well, when a freakin’ MINI costs 25k, why not have something that looks nice with the top down? This is a rumor I like, which is rare. Very rare.

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    I was in ecstatic anticipation of the 1-series, having seen many of them in Europe, having sat in a 120d on display at Mosport (it fit me like a glove), and imagining an M3-esque power-to-weight ratio in the 135i. I even dug the styling! But the reality was an overpriced, overweight, understeering letdown. So this time I’ll reserve my enthusiasm. 

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    I too will watch this with baited enthusiasm.  Despite the girth, I do still think the 135i is a cool car, albeit in need of a few strategic mods (LSD, camber plates, stiffer springs & sway bars).  This car has the potential to be awesome, and dearly needed repentance for the Gran Tourismo/X6(M)/X5M sins, but will likely be too heavy, too expensive, and in need of said strategic mods.

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    You do all realize that BMW has promised to redo the 1 series with a lower weight and smaller size, don’t  you?
    This car would likely be built on the newer platform, which could be interesting.  I probably wouldn’t want one, but having more roadsters is never a bad thing.

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