By on November 16, 2009

Count those chickens...

Time Magazine goes ahead and gives an unproven, unavailable vehicle a “Best Invention of 2009” award.

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17 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Tomorrow’s Award Today Edition...”

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    This is the new math:  Identify potential and reward it in advance of any success.

    Perhaps the upcoming planetary alignment will turn that into a functional metric…

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    Empty, shallow, generalizing articles that EXTREMELY lack detail,,,,political ass kissing like this,,, ie why TIME is one of the many media mongols I go out of my way to ignore. This si the same magazine that somehow thinks we wouldn’t be driving cars if there was never a model T…..

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    “launched in august” define launched…
    “shift their thinking from gas to green” how again?
    someone is brewing a big cup of word tea full of nonsense

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    Apparently the GM PR people failed to keep the Volt in the face of the MSM as well as they should.  Or perhaps they have so overpromoted it that it is now stale.  Not at GM, say it isn’t so…Auntie Em, Auntie Em…

    Looking for Toto,


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    Hey, whatever works in order to throw Tesla Motors into bankruptcy and humiliation.

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    There is nothing wrong with this picture, or this award. Now, if Time were an actual newsmagazine that had real reporters working for it, and editors who did a reasonable job of editing its articles, there might be something wrong with this picture.

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    So how much advertising revenue does Time get from Nissan?

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    Knowing Time’s disdain for anything American, I have a sneaking suspsicion that this car wouldn’t have been awarded had they known it was going to be made in Tennessee.

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    I don’t mind that it’s unproven or unavailable since it’s Invention of the year not Product of the year.
    What I do mind is that it’s not very revolutionary is it? The EV’s already been invented and produced by GM and Tesla, And Tesla, Fisker, Mini and Ford all have upcoming EV sedan/hatchbacks.
    Why single out the Leaf when its no more avalable or revolutionary than the Model S, Karma, Mini-E , or Focus EV? Probally because Nissan gave Time some ad revenue.

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      Brendon from Canada

      Knock the Mini-E off your list; it’s at least available, and people really drive ’em.   Sure there are only 450 or so, but that is more then some supercars – and they’re real!

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    their purpose is to make money, not to provide useful info. but they are so unsubtle about it

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    Umm, excuuuuuse me, the mass market electric car was invented over a century ago!  Is a 2010 Leaf far more capable and refined than a 1910 Baker Electric?  Sure.  A 2010 Mustang is far more capable than a 1910 Model T, too.  But it doesn’t mean we “invented” the gasoline powered car a couple of weeks ago.

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    Kinda like the Nobel Peace Prize, the award is for good intentions & perceived potential.

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      Some recent recipients of the ‘prize’ over the last 20 years include Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and Yasir Arafat.  I think we can throw the ‘good intentions’ thing out the window.
      This is a group that advanced peace?  Moreso than anyone else?
      Ay caramba.

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    Lug Nuts

    If the stated 100-mile range is as optimistic as most marketing blurbs, it means real-world range during winter months in cold areas (northern U.S.) is probably 50-60 miles.  That would pretty much rule the car out for a huge swath of mid- to long-distance commuters.

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