What's Wrong With This Picture: Onward & Upward…?

Daniel J. Stern
by Daniel J. Stern

What can we learn about GM’s R&D from the direction of the arrows in the departmental graphic identity…?

Daniel J. Stern
Daniel J. Stern

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  • Shiney2 Shiney2 on Nov 07, 2009

    The angle distortion in this shot is terrible, and there is no context at all. Is this a sign or a graphic on a floor? When I saw it I thought the arrow was pointing toward a door or building, making it a reasonable graphic.

  • Daniel J. Stern Daniel J. Stern on Nov 08, 2009

    Yeah, sorry about the angle — I would've taken it from the other end of the carpet, but the sun glare made it impossible. The arrows were pointing at random angles to the door and just about everything else. @golden2husky: Yeah, what friedclams said: Where's Ben's?

  • Autobraz Autobraz on Nov 08, 2009

    I am not here to defend GM - not supporting GM is probably exactly why I am here - but I didn't have the impression you guys had. For me it gives the idea of a path. They (or someone? anyone?) entered in the R's left leg or D's vertical bar and followed a path exiting through where the arrows are in their respective letters. So the logo would represent a development path being followd, movement, progress. But... wait a minute! If the letter represent the path that has been followed, what can we learn from them? R: the end of the path is just a bit to the right from the entrance and if we assume the exit to be better positioned than the entrance, it means their research went into the wrong direction most of the time. D: the end of the path is exactly at the same place as where started. How's that for development? Guess I didn't do a good job defending GM anyway...

  • Accs Accs on Nov 28, 2009

    Maybe they are pointing to the "Replace the Lightbulb dept"?