Toyota: We're Actually Number One (Not That We Care)

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

We weren’t the only outlet to note Volkswagen’s apparent 2010 production volume win over Toyota a few days ago. Not so fast, Toyota tells Automotive News [sub]. Volkswagen’s total included production by joint ventures in which it does not hold a majority stake, Toyota’s didn’t. On an apples-to-apples basis (with minority stake affiliates included) Toyota built 4.9m vehicles in the first three quarters of 2009, to Volkswagen’s 4.4m. And because Toyota cut so much production early this year, while VW rode the European (particularly the German) cash-for-clunker wave, Toyota will continue to gain ground over the rest of the year. And the gap could widen in 2010: VW should see a certain amount of downturn in its core German market now that the abwrackprämie has expired, while improvements in the US and Asian markets should help Toyota. Not that Toyota cares about being number one. “Toyota’s goal is to focus on the customer, so we’re not focused on being No. 1,” ooze the spokesfolks. Well thanks for correcting us anyway.

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • ConejoZing ConejoZing on Nov 13, 2009

    ^_^ haha Toyota well you have a good stance it would seem. Focus on the customer.

  • Ott Ott on Nov 14, 2009
    Toyota is slightly weaker in that Yaris and Sienna are slightly inferior to their Honda counterparts. What does VW have to offer? Don’t make me laugh. Well, Volkswagen does offer the Routan, which is a rebadged Dodge Grand Cara--oh wait, never mind...
  • Canucknucklehead Canucknucklehead on Nov 14, 2009

    The real issue is not how many cars you make, it is how fat your bottom line is. This is done by bringing your customers back over and over. Honda is indeed darned good at that. The money they save in having fewer models can be reinvested in better product.

  • Stewart Dean Stewart Dean on Nov 14, 2009
    “Toyota’s goal is to focus on the customer, so we’re not focused on being No. !" Funny, that was the way that Old Man Watson built IBM into the Godzilla it was by the 70' building superior machinery and putting the customer (and its workers) first. Since the 80's of course, pygmy management has been mining all the strength and good will that he built. Watson had 3 principles he ran IBM on: 1) Respect for the Individual 2) To give the best service of any company, anywhere in the world 3) To attack *every job in a superior fashion. Sic transit Gloria Mundi