Sunday Concours: Cadillac CTS-V Challenge

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • RetardedSparks RetardedSparks on Nov 02, 2009
    @Cheevie: I’m trying as hard as I can! I wore three outfits that day, which I will detail in full for the (zero) people who care: Jeesh. If you paid as much attention to your driving as your clothing you might have won the damn thing! :P
  • Cheevie Cheevie on Nov 02, 2009

    Jack, No need to apologize- You drove an awesome race that day (I was following it with great anticipation). My comment about your appearance was very much tounge-in-cheek, and your driving did the talking for you. You are Da Man! BTW, I still think about your MSE series now and then and shake my head. It took some balls to write that.

  • Ted Lulis Head gaskets and Toyota putting my kids through college👍️
  • Leonard Ostrander Plants don't unionize. People do, and yes, of course the workers should organize.
  • Jalop1991 Here's something EVangelists don't want to talk about, and why range is important: battery warranties, by industry standard, specify that nothing's wrong with the battery, and they won't replace it, as long as it is able to carry 70% or more of its specified capacity.So you need a lot of day 1 capacity so that down the road, when you're at 70% capacity with a "fully functioning, no problem" car, you're not stuck in used Nissan Leaf territory."Nothing to see here, move along."There's also the question of whether any factory battery warranty survives past the original new car owner. So it's prudent of any second owner to ask that question specifically, and absent any direct written warranty, assume that the second and subsequent owners own any battery problems that may arise.And given that the batteries are a HUGE expense, much more so than an ICE, such exposure is equally huge."Nothing to see here, move along."
  • Roger hopkins The car is in Poland??? It does look good tho...
  • Kwik_Shift_Pro4X The push for EV's is part of the increase in our premiums. Any damage near the battery pack and the car is a total loss.