Rolls-Royce Records Record Results – In China

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
rolls royce records record results in china

“Rolls-Royce said Friday the market for its super-luxury cars was picking up dramatically across Asia as the effects of the global financial crisis recede,” says AFP.

“We’re fast coming out of the financial crisis and China and India look like they will lead the way out in 2010 on a feel-good factor,” quoth Rolls-Royce Asia-Pacific regional chief Colin Kelly.

Rolls-Royce expects sales in the alleged poorhouses of China and India to grow to three-quarters of its total business in the Asia-Pacific region.

China accounts for 50 percent of Rolls-Royce’s Asia-Pacific sales, says the Mercury News. China overtook Japan to be Rolls-Royce’s biggest market in the region. The Middle Kingdom already consumes about 10 percent of Rolls-Royce’s global sales, all 106 of them. In a good year. BMW sells 1000 Rollers worldwide. They must have a reason why they go to all that trouble.

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  • Nutsaboutcars Nutsaboutcars on Nov 21, 2009

    Only the party leaders get the real Rollers. The generals have to settle for the knock-offs from Geely. No, they actually are driven in shiny black Buicks that are far better looking inside and out than their US counterparts. The new LAcrosse is the exception... maybe it was designed over there..

  • Bertel Schmitt Bertel Schmitt on Nov 21, 2009

    In China, Rollers are bought by rich people. Too ostentatious for party leaders or Generals.They like their big Audis or Mercs. Cayennes are big with Generals,

  • Buckshot Buckshot on Nov 21, 2009

    Not surprising. Nowadays China is the place where the big money is.

  • Andy D Andy D on Nov 21, 2009

    Meh, they can have them. The new RRs have reached new lows in fuglyness. I saw one in the trafffic the other day and laughed. At least Bentleys are pretty. The rolls Royce is just big'n ugly