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Cars are not a mere means of mobility. They respond to the driver’s will; they turn, speed up, slow down. Naturally, there’s a need for excitement…Of course, eco-friendly cars are a prerequisite for the future, but there must be more than that.  Morizo cannot afford to lose. I will tackle the challenge of creating a car with even more splendid flavor than the Scirocco.

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda blogging at his company’s Japanese marketing website, as reported by Automotive News [sub]. Toyoda’s Scirocco killer? That has to be the FT-86 “Toyobaru” coupe. Interestingly, Inside Line reports that the Subaru version will have about 250 hp, AWD and will cost about $30k. In contrast, the $25k Toyota will be smaller, RWD and only 200 hp. Smaller, lighter and RWD? Sounds like Toyota beat Subaru to the splendid flavor. [Hat Tip: Cammy Corrigan]

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    I am not sure how big the car will be, but 200hp isn’t exactly great for a sports coupe.  It will need to be extremely light for this to be fun.   Is this supposed to compete with the Miata?  In that case, 200hp would be fine.

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    200hp may not be great, but in a 2886lb Civic Si, it ain’t bad. If Toyota can get the weight down a little and keep the wheels to a rational size, it’ll be fine. Even better, bring the price down to $22k or less, and let the ricerz flock to it (and leave my car off their radar).

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    I’d rather have the AWD, unless it’s ridiculously heavier the AWD will  be faster, it will handle better, and it would be a better DD than the RWD Toyota.

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      I disagree. AWD is faster from a launch, but puts less power down everywhere else.  There are loads of drivetrain loss in Subaru’s AWD system.  It will handle worse, because Subaru has the engine hanging out on the nose of the vehicle versus the ideal situation where the engine is mostly seated within the wheelbase of the car.  I thought my 2001 2.5RS handled well… until I autocrossed it.  It pushes badly in the turns and you fight it the whole way.  You can somewhat fix it with a lot of suspension tuning, but this is a consumer vehicle… not a race car.  A naturally balanced chassis is better in every way.  The AWD version may be a better DD, but from a pure handling and sporting perspective, RWD > Subaru’s AWD.  Who wants a small 2 door coupe as a daily driver anyway?  This car is supposed to be compromised from a DD perspective because that allows it to not compromise from a sporting perspective.

      It will be interesting to see if Subaru’s idiotic AWD only mantra ruins the balance of the RWD Toyota by hanging the engine off the nose of the vehicle in order to keep the chassis engine and suspension hardpoints the same. 

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    So the engine is a naturallly aspirated 2.0 in both applications? With 250 hp in the Subaru? Who do they think they are, Honda?
    Subaru’s AWD and the NA 2.0 is ridiculous. Since when do you have to rev the $#!t out of a Subaru to get the power?

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      Current Subaru STI’s (and the older XT’s)  tend to be peaky – so so power below 4000 rpm, then WHAM.  So says C&D and virtually every mag which has tested one.

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    can i get one 250hp rwd version? also can i get an extra side of light weight too? thanks

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    200hp is plenty if it stays RWD, which i would prefer over AWD even though we have snow for almost half of the year.  With my luck though we wont get this car at all.. And even if we do it would probably not be any cheaper than the GTI, which starts at about 38k€. I would be plenty happy with 150hp if the price would be about the same as a corolla.

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    Let’s look at my recent auto history:
    88 Saab 900 Turbo 160hp
    87 BMW 325e 120hp
    02 Focus SVT 170hp.
    200hp sounds like a shitpile of power to me. And RWD works fine, even in snow (ie. BMW 325 with snow tires in Alberta winter)

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      1988 and 1987 aren’t exactly recent auto history.  The 02 Focus SVT with 170 hp… interesting that you brought that up.  The most recent version of the Focus RS in Europe has 300hp.  Again, 200hp in a performance vehicles isn’t wonderful unless it is very light.

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