By on November 12, 2009

“Just because you have money doesn’t mean you’re smart” has a new poster boy. According to The AP :

A man blamed a low-flying pelican and a dropped cell phone for his veering his million-dollar sports car off a road and into a salt marsh near Galveston. The accident happened about 3 p.m. Wednesday on the frontage road of Interstate 45 northbound in La Marque, about 35 miles southeast of Houston.

How many Bugatti drivers live in Lufkin?

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30 Comments on “Distracted Drivers: Veyron Edition...”

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    Wonder if the deployed rear spoiler is an indication of the speed before the carwash or it’s a malfunction resulting from said carwash. Most any other car would be trash but I’m sure this one will be completely rebuilt. “Just because you have money doesn’t mean you’re smart” is a very apt description of the driver. Beware of low flying pelicans and dropped cell phones at all times is the lesson.

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    Splash! There is a very definite guilty pleasure in seeing these uber-rich (half-wit inheritance or financial gamblers usually) trash “their” machines.

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    You mean two million dollars.

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    Someone’s insurance company is taking a bath too – ouch. But yes, seems like it would be pretty hard to actually “total” a million-dollar plus car. Then again, it is a SALT water lagoon….

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    I don’t see anything funny about that as we’ve all had bad days. Plus it could be that the owner actually bought the car with money he earned.

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    This is exactly what happens when you make a deal with the Devil to get rich.  You get the money, yeah, but Satan finds a way to make sure you don’t enjoy it.  Still, the guy has my sympathy… yet I have to wonder. You could buy a fleet of 328i’s like I own for  $1M, and my humble car has bluetooth that puts the cell phone through the stereo system. If you drop your phone, you just keep talking. 

    So, that detail seems odd to me.  Maybe in this economy, the insurance payoff is more valuable to him than the car right now. The car has a market value, but that’s different than actually finding a used Veryon buyer in today’s market.



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    I thought that any sort of submersion would usually total a car (airbags, electronics, etc., that have been wet may not work properly).  Not to mention what a nightmare it’d be to try to make sure everything got properly dried.

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     Lokkii:  You could buy a fleet of 328i’s like I own for  $1M

    and you could buy several Hyundais for the cost of a 328i.  It’s all in the perspective. 
    Note: I’d never actually buy a Hyundai.  :)

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    and you could buy several Hyundais for the cost of a 328i.  

    Yes, and no doubt those Hyundais all have hands-free cell phone capability, which was the point of my comment.  So there  was no excuse for the Veryon driver to be using a hand-held cell phone… and thereby drive off the road because he dropped it…

    Sorry I failed to make that clear

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    They could’ve at least popped the thing in neutral prior to dragging it onto dry land.

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    A low flying pelican??
    Is that code for prostitute in the passenger seat?

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    I don’t know about you all but when I ended up in a ditch it was because I was going too fast.  I’d think that was the real reason he crashed.

    The only thing worse than a car like that being driven into a ditch, is one that’s going 64mph in the middle lane of the highway.

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    Saltwater marsh? ouch!  For starters the hides are shot, the wool carpeting gone, well you might as well kiss the whole interior gone, the electronics will face corrosion after they dry out, the engine needs a rebuild, tranny gone.  All in all it’ll  probably be cheaper to buy a new one.  Or you’ll have an expensive, pretty roller.

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    Soon to be the only Bugatti Veyron with a salvage title.

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      John Horner

      Oh, there may be one or two others already:

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    Somehow, I can’t see them shooting holes in the floor of this car with a rifle to drain the water out!

    Should be pretty easy to fix though, like all VAG cars you pay a fraction of the price if you get the parts in a box with a VW or Skoda label on it.

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    I’d be thinking “insurance fraud”.  Really

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    Hey im from houston and ive driven that road many times. I dont think ive ever seen “low flying pelicans”. but it would be alot easier to fly down that road as its fairly straight and flat and at this time of year not much of a beach crowd.

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    Dang! Video has been removed already.

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    Jeff Puthuff

    We’ve already updated the video a couple of times but for some reason the embeds keep getting deleted. So, in the search box above “this video has been deleted by the user” search for “veyron lake” and it will bring up the not-yet-deleted videos.

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    Who is the owner of the car? Lots of secrecy going on so he doesnt feel like an idiot. Any one know who he is? Besides a friend of Schwarzennager?

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    This kind of reminds me of the 928 dunked in the lake in Risky Business…. “Alright, who’s the U-Boat commander?”

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    Somebody just posted video of the crash taken from another car (complete with audio).

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    Daniel J. Stern

    Say, has anyone seen or heard from Kelsey Grammar lately…?

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    Jordan Tenenbaum

    I’d be calling shenanigans on this one.

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    Someone was either very lucky capturing this on video or there’s more to this story.
    No “low flying pelican” seen in the video.  Made a nice splash, however.

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