Curbside Classic Outtake: Calling Sajeev Mehta Edition – Lincoln Mark VIII

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer

In my CC hunts, I come across quite a few Lincolns with air suspension issues. Usually, they’re just hunched down on the suspension stops in a Citroen DS or lowrider imitation. But this one has been catching my eye for quite some time, because it gets driven like this. I suspect it’s not intentional, but I do tend to lag in my awareness of the latest automotive cultural fads. Given that this Mark VIII is also lacking a rear window adds to my theory.

We all know that one of our own is a big fan of these: T-Birds with better interiors and air bags. Oh, and that four-cam engine. Did I miss something else? A price almost double that of the supercharged T-Bird SC. Enough ribbing. We all love hot-rod Lincolns. And for lovers of the genre, the Mark VIII was a high point, literally in this case. It was compared favorably to the import luxo-coupes of the time; or is that my memory recalling Lincoln PR speak? The truth about the Mark VIII is that it’s a car that I’m highly unqualified to talk about. It’s from exactly that era in my life when luxury coupes were the very last thing on my automotive radar. I guess I wasn’t the only one, because the shrinking market for the genre meant cancellation after five years, with sales shriveling to a mere 6100 units in 1998. And now Cadillac is unveiling their CTS Coupe. Is there a Mark IX in your future?

Paul Niedermeyer
Paul Niedermeyer

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  • Majo8 Majo8 on Nov 28, 2009

    American Air Suspension carries all four coil springs to convert a MKVIII to a conventional suspension set-up. They have them in standard and lowered ride heights.

    • Sajeev Mehta Sajeev Mehta on Nov 28, 2009

      And they may or may not start dragging their arses after 6-12 months of use.

  • Panzerfaust Panzerfaust on Nov 28, 2009

    In the last couple of years I've seen quite a few pimped MKVIII's. Usually it involves tinted glass, excessive brightwork and 20" + wheels with skin for tyres. Basically making them look like a life-sized Hot Wheels car. I keep wondering where the orange vinyl track is. This one looks like it's got a bad case of bag sag. Must be a bitch to drive, with the cg off and the headlights pointing 3 feet ahead of you. Good think it doesn't have a carb, or he'd never get it running.

  • Rtz Rtz on Nov 29, 2009

    Regular struts to replace the air setup: Pretty smart I think.

  • Relton Relton on Nov 29, 2009

    This condition is sometimes caused by water in the air system. This confuses the sensors and solenoid valves, and causes all sorts of malfunctions. Water gets in the system because the air dryer on th ecompressor has rusted away. It should be another maintainence item, at least in humid climates like Michigan. Or, it should have been made of stainless, so it would last forever.I've had enough experience with Mark VIIIs to think that they will never become a classic. All of the poor quality problems listed above, and then some, will keep this car from classic status. I never had a car leave me places, multiple times, until I had a Mark VIII. Plus, of course, the threat of fire from a bad cruise control switch. Which, just to make things more interesting, you have to remove the front bumper cover to get to.Yet another reason I have a BMW now.Bob