By on November 9, 2009

Whadda ya know?

According to the Detroit News, the Cadivolt is go! Not that the announcement comes as any huge surprise: when has GM ever invested heavily in a new platform and not built a Cadillac version? On the other hand, when was the last time GM built a $40k Chevrolet? More importantly, where does the Caddy version’s price go from there?

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    This will be a replay of the Cimarron, 1982.  GM hasn’t learned.

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    Of coarse they did. Why should GM worrying about making the same mistakes that drove them to bankruptcy they’ll just call on Uncle Sam to siphon more money from us

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    Why didn’t they start with this idea first?  At least they could (somewhat) justify a $50k Cadillac. I’m finally convinced that no one is in charge at GM and they have no plan.

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    On the other hand, when was the last time GM built a $40k Chevrolet?
    I presume one is implicitly ignoring the top-end truck market here?
    The big diesel monsters with high trim have been in that range for several years, at least.

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    This is not the same mistake as Cimarron 1982.  It is an entirely new mistake, with the added folly of an electric drivetrain whose  target market is government bailout money.
    That said…. damn, it does look good.

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      It does look very good, the prettiest interpretation to date of the Cadillac design language in my opinion.

      And if the Volt is as good as the Malibu (let alone the Opel Insignia) then it won’t be a J-car fiasco all over.  The key question will be whether they can do real differentiation or whether they’ll just follow the slap-on-a-new-grille approach a la Lincoln.

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      Mirko Reinhardt

      As good as the Opel Insignia? The car that gained about 400 pounds of weight over it’s predecessor, while simultaneously shrinking it’s interior by quite a lot?

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    I just wish they’d put the V series engine in this beast.

    Poor man’s Reventon.   

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    Mark out West

    I like it.  A lot.  Too bad it’s got all the tree-hugger stuff underneath.

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    I’m waiting for the Buick and GMC versions.

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    It is a gorgeous design.  I hope Cadillac implements it successfully, as they will finally have a proper halo for themselves, after so many tries (Allante?).
    This could do for Caddy what the SL has done for Mercedes.  But again, they have to implement it right.

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    This thing is fugly.
    Neck-high beltline. Check.
    Mail-slot windows. Check.
    Blind rear quarters. Check.
    (Then again, Cadillacs are normally driven by octogenarians who use neither mirrors nor peripheral vision anyway).
    Driveway-scraping front overhang. Check.
    And all in a badge-engineered Chevy with golf-cart power. Die, GM, die. Well, actually, GM has already died, but its welfare-leeching is propping it up in an undead status.
    The irony is, with the Boomers aging, if Cadillac just faced its destiny as a carmaker to the shuffleboard set and made them a good car, they’d have a license to print money. Without having to grovel to Washington and everything that entails (endless bribes, uh, contributions, and legions of congressional idiot nephews placed in no-show jobs).
    No, instead we have to see one more iteration of The Cadillac That Will Make Cadillac Hip. Like the unloved Allanté. The unloveable Catera. Etc. etc. Only this time Fritz and Ron and their welfare queens are doing it with our dang money.
    Die, GM, die.

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    Every car company that actually has some intelligence left at the helm would have gone exactly the opposite way:
    Introduce new technology at the top end brand in the top end model with the top end price. Then slowly – as the costs are more and more amortized – hand the technology down to cheaper models and lower brands.
    GM however started with their bottom-end brand and designed a mid-size car which they plan to sell for a premium price…genius…

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      Absolutely, are you and I the only ones who remember when Cadillac was a technology leader?  Then the hardware would filter down into the lower levels of GM.

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    Isn’t this thing Cruze based? That would make it the first Daewoo based Cadillac.  The Caddiwoo!

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    Via Nocturna

    Memo GM:
    Keep an eye on the HS250’s sales figures. Then divide them by about 10, and you’ve got your sales targets for this sort-of pretty (the corporate Caddy grille doesn’t work), harebrained concept. Compared to this, the Corvette-in-a-tuxedo XLR was a stroke of brilliance. Assuming the Volt sells for $40K, I project a price point of about $60K. Lunacy!

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    KixStart somehow prognosticates $80K.  That’s his’n’hers Lexus HS250s and $10K left over.  Is Michigan license plate “EPICFAIL” taken?  If not, I suggest they affix it to Converj #1.

    And would GM give up on the kewl spelling schtick?  It has gotten old.

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    Cheesmo Motors needs to stop with the idiotic show car names – Converj – WTF? It’s embarrassing and this whole Cadillac design language is nothing but an overwrought pile of creased garbage. What if they designed the car so you could actually see out of it, or would that be too sensible? They might want to test market it first as a Hot Wheel to see how many children cry at the mere sight of it. Then the big Cheesmo would have to maximum fire that Maximum Bob, jam him in a Solstice (that did real well) and drop it in the Detroit River. Most importantly, Cheesmo Motors should stop worrying about range and worry more about rage – mine.

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    Will there be the same bait-and-switch styling move as with the Volt?  Will there be the same creeping vaporware feeling we got from the Camaro?  We know they’ll fumble it; we’re left to speculate on the details.
    Why does GM insist on building massive hype for cars they aren’t building?  By the time you can buy one it’s already victim to style obsolescence and the remaining interested customers walk into greedy dealers who generously offer to sell you one for $3000 over MSRP.

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    Just how many sales are there to steal from the Lexus GS 450h & LS 600h? GM, stop wasting time and money with this foolish crap. You simply have no business starting a my-penis-in-greener-than-yours game with Lexus. Everyone knows who’s got the best cars in that race, and you shouldn’t even be trying to compete in that market.

    GM, if you simply must have a hybrid car, drop this high priced nonsense (Volt obviously included) and go after the proper target: Prius. People buy those, in case you hadn’t noticed. +$40k hybrids, no matter how nice, answer few peoples needs, and no sane person would buy one of yours over a Lexus.

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    Hmm. I guess they’ve run out of non-stupid names.

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    Gorgeous design – one of the best I’ve seen from GM. As others have stated though, it has a mismatched powerplant underneath. And you have to wonder whether it will end up as neglected and out-of-place as the nonevent that was the XLR. Cadillac does need to first put out a desirable cushy car for the gray set before they think they can justify venturing into this type of territory. Of course, they’ve been making this mistake for the last decade, so what’s to stop them now? Until they have one single great car that is roomy, plush, reliable and truly competitive with a Lexus (the CTS doesn’t cut it for that gray set), they have no business concentrating on anything else. And yes, that also applies to Chevrolet in the family sedan area.

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    When can we expect the Buick version?

    Agreed that this would have been the ideal first iteration – then, when it was tested to be profitable and/or popular, it could have filtered to lower model lines.

    Why don’t they actually try something different and make every Cadillac a hybrid? Or every Buick? Or, crap, every GMC? Agreed that nobody is even awake (present?) in GM’s wheelhouse. But what’s new?

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    I have to agree that it’s a looker, although it might be difficult to look out of!

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    Man this is what aggravates the HELL out of me.. about GM vehicles.

    They had the Eldorado.. which had a HUGE following.. they CANCEL that to make the XLR = Vette with fancier clothing.

    Then they cann that.. because of the Vette rule..
    Now they make this POS.. for what!?

    What is this POS going to do.. that the XLR / Eldo cant / didnt?!

    SOMEONE has been sitting in bathtubs up to their noses lately.. to think this is a good styling move

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