What's Wrong With This Picture: Uncompromise This Edition

Robert Farago
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  • Wolfman3k5 Wolfman3k5 on Oct 15, 2009
    sfdennis1 : Ferry should haunt their asses until they create an under 3000lb, under $35K honest to God entry-level Porsche that would atone for the overweight, overpriced doctorlawyertraderposer-mobiles they have made in his name. I couldn't have said it better myself. Considering that Porsche, and largely Volkswagen can trace their origins back to socialism, and to Nazi Germany, the whole purpose of those cars was to be accessible by everyone. I don't know how many people have sat in a Porsche, but those that have, can say the same as me: it's overpriced. The build quality leaves allot to be desired. Your average Toyota Camry has better plastics inside. That being said, Ferry Porsche wasn't looking for the car of his dreams. Instead, he was running his dad's company, while his dad was rotting in prison in France, being accused of war crimes (you know killing hundreds of thousand of jewish people, gypsies, and other nationalities). Because I have family that suffered during world war two from because of the Nazi oppression, I made a promise to myself never to buy a German car. I'd rather buy domestic or anything else. But enough with my little rant. I'm not just talking here, so everything that I've said can be checked on Wikipedia, or history books. As for the Panamera, just like every other Porsche, it's overpriced for what it is. Not only is it ugly, but I bet that it's made of the same cheap plastics inside, just like every other Porsche. And those engines are sourced from VW and Audi, so why pay a premium?
  • ZekeToronto ZekeToronto on Oct 15, 2009

    I thought the Panamera was revolting the first time I saw it. Now I'm afraid to admit how much it's grown on me. I've started thinking of it as a 4-door successor to the 928. But speaking of big butts ... a new X6 pulled up beside me in traffic today. It's the first one I've seen in person ... and I'd be happy if it was the last. Unlike Sir Mix-A-Lot, I'm not that big a fan of huge asses!

  • Via Nocturna Via Nocturna on Oct 16, 2009

    "The first true sports car for four"? I do believe the Quattroporte beat you to the punch there without looking like a zeppelin, Porsche. Too recent? Well, how about an AMG Merc or an M5 or an RS6? Better yet, how about non-fantasy cars like the pre-CVT Maxima and G8 GXP? I can go on...

  • Mirko Reinhardt Mirko Reinhardt on Oct 16, 2009

    @Via Nocturna : “The first true sports car for four”? Maybe they could change that line to "The most expensive sporty hatchback, ever!"