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Wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong (courtesy:evworld)

Thanks to $7m in state grants and incentives, a $26.5m investment by Bannon Automotive and the promise of $52m in federal loans, Syracuse NY will become the American home of the Reva NXR. The AP (via MSNBC) reports Bannon expects production to reach 15k-20k units per year. But is $25k for 100 miles of charge, a 65 mph top speed and a bit more interior room than an Isetta going to fly in the US market? Oh right, government subsidies don’t care.

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    Sometimes it’s helpful when the government provides subsidies to spur development that would not happen otherwise.

    These cars might not sell well in the US, but they could be exported to Canada and Mexico.

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    It’s a smaller Suzuki Grand Vitara?

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    The two kinds of EVs on the market right now are:

    NEVs – which are cheap – and still overpriced – crap unsuitable for the freeway.
    Tesla – which is $110K or so, out of reach of most folks.
    Vaporware – Take your pick of makes and models but most are expensive.

    Did I say two? Anyway, REVA probably thinks all they really have to do is hit $25K with something decent and there’s an untapped market of people hungry for some kind of quasi-legitimate EV at that price.

    Actually, I think they’re right. My wife has expressed interest in an EV but was turned off only by the $40K price of the Volt when I mentioned it (as if it’s a real car). I think she’d consider a $25K EV, although I’m not sure she’d jump. She’d at least advance to thinking about its capability (seats, range, etc) before making a decision.

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    If I can fit in it, with the wife and kid, then I want one. 100 mile range and 65mph top speed are just fine for me. I would avoid the interstate in this thing anyway as it looks too small for most semis to notice.

    decent price, good range, decent speed = not real at this point. Plus as a bonus, I hate NY, so I am glad to see them dump $7mil into something that will never happen.

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    $25k…for that? Crap, let me go find a REALLY nicely loaded Civic, maybe three years old for about half of that. I’d gladly pocket the $12k difference AND enjoy the added convenience of owning a truly usable vehicle. But I guess old P.T. Barnum was right…

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    They’ll sell some of those at that price point. Not that it makes sense to buy one, but it’s a far cry from the non-sensical Volt.

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    How is the Smart selling?

    There’s your answer.

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    «How is the Smart selling? There’s your answer.»

    Exactly right.

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    I want a quiet electric car but here in Arizona a car has to be able to do 80 and the motor and running gear have to be comfortable at 75 mph.

    In the meantime I will stay out of the way of the pretend cowboys in their pickups and commute with my 18 mph electric bike on the bike paths.

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    Daniel J. Stern

    If I’m not mistaken, the $25k is without batteries, which cost extra.

    M. Schwoerer and I scrutinised one of these in Frankfurt recently. Material and build quality were very obviously dismal. I cannot imagine this being anything but a buh-buh-buh-boondoggle (stuttering because that word sees too much action).

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    Hmm…When I first saw the picture I thought it was of a Kia Forte that someone had put into a crusher.

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    As far as that vehicle goes…who accidentally washed the Suzuki Grand Vitara in hot water? Didn’t they read the care instructions?

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    Lokkii :
    October 26th, 2009 at 5:36 pm

    How is the Smart selling?

    Better than it should be. Two of my neighbors have one. I don’t understand it either.

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