More Canadian Outrage: Trucker Fined For "Workplace Smoking"

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

And there I was, thinking Canadians represented the sensible third of the North American continent. And then they go and blow it all by saying something stupid like “You’re nicked, mate!” Do Canadians say that? Do they call their cops “the plod?” Anyway, The Globe and Mail reports “an Ontario Provincial Police officer noticed the driver of a tractor trailer [not shown] was smoking a cigarette as he pulled up alongside the vehicle on Highway 401 outside Windsor . . . The policeman charged the 48-year-old trucker, who is from London, under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, which prohibits smoking in enclosed workplaces and public places.” As we like to say here in The Land of the Free, that’s some fucked-up shit. No, really. “Constable Shawna Coulter, a spokeswoman for Essex County OPP, said it is the job of police to enforce the law, no matter how unpopular. She also noted that smoking while driving is unsafe.” The trucking company’s defense is even less credible—and more convoluted.

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act does not apply to trucking companies that do business outside the province. Instead, they are covered by federal legislation that allows drivers to smoke in designated smoking vehicles. In addition, [Ontario Trucking Association spokesman Doug Switzer] said if the unidentified trucker owns his vehicle and is the only person who works in it, he can legally smoke in it, even under the Ontario law.

Excuse me sir, is that a designated smoking vehicle? Or do they have stickers? “Smoker on board.” No wait! Let me guess! You have to pay for a license for the “privilege” of smoking in your own truck. And then you get a sticker with a cigarette inside a red circle, without a line through it. The scariest thing about this Nanny state story: no one says the law is wrong. And that’s wrong. [thanks to ott for the link]

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Johnny Canada Johnny Canada on Oct 12, 2009

    It's a shame that the pendulum has to swing so far to the Left, before we're finally shaken from our collective comma.

  • Jmhm2003 Jmhm2003 on Oct 12, 2009

    The good constable probably did society a favour. The trucker was probably on is way to buy murder a prostitute!

  • Bkojote Allright, actual person who knows trucks here, the article gets it a bit wrong.First off, the Maverick is not at all comparable to a Tacoma just because they're both Hybrids. Or lemme be blunt, the butch-est non-hybrid Maverick Tremor is suitable for 2/10 difficulty trails, a Trailhunter is for about 5/10 or maybe 6/10, just about the upper end of any stock vehicle you're buying from the factory. Aside from a Sasquatch Bronco or Rubicon Jeep Wrangler you're looking at something you're towing back if you want more capability (or perhaps something you /wish/ you were towing back.)Now, where the real world difference should play out is on the trail, where a lot of low speed crawling usually saps efficiency, especially when loaded to the gills. Real world MPG from a 4Runner is about 12-13mpg, So if this loaded-with-overlander-catalog Trailhunter is still pulling in the 20's - or even 18-19, that's a massive improvement.
  • Lou_BC "That’s expensive for a midsize pickup" All of the "offroad" midsize trucks fall in that 65k USD range. The ZR2 is probably the cheapest ( without Bison option).
  • Lou_BC There are a few in my town. They come out on sunny days. I'd rather spend $29k on a square body Chevy
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  • MaintenanceCosts You expect everything on Amazon and eBay to be fake, but it's a shame to see fake stuff on Summit Racing. Glad they pulled it.