What's Wrong With This Picture: With Friends Like This Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

The Accord Crosstour gets a mixed welcome from the Facebook crowd. [Hat Tip: Mr Sparky]

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Tedward Tedward on Sep 03, 2009

    Davekaybsc "You sure about that? The Legacy wagon is dead, and the Outback gained several inches in height so as to appear a lot more crossover-ish and a lot less wagon-ish." I hear you on that one. I hesitated before including Subaru in the mix there, but I think that on the whole they've pulled a mini-Saab by ditching the pure wagon. They sell the Forester and Outback on the strength of the undeniably wagonish previous models and the loyalty those models have created. I don't know anyone who has a new Forester and is happy with it (I'm sure they exist somewhere, but the 3 owners I know are old Subaru buyers who thought they were getting more of the same and won't make that mistake again). VW has the Jetta wagon obviously which does quite well.

  • Hunmik Hunmik on Sep 03, 2009

    It's fugly. And this is from a guy who owns an 09 Pilot. It reminds me of the Kia Rio station wagon from a few years back. Looks like there is less room in it than the sedan, so I don't see the point. Who is going to buy this? I read somewhere that car companies are not introducing station wagons in the US, because they would steal sales from the small SUVs. If that's the case then Honda can pat themselves on the shoulder. CR-V sales are not threatened at all. Not by this car. But then why build it at all?

  • Jaje Jaje on Sep 03, 2009

    I'm sure Honda did a focus group on this - they showed the car to its "literally" blind followers and described the features. They thought it looked great. I'm normally a supporter of Honda (do more with less ideals) but as of currently - they've dropped the ball in styling and technology. Acura really needs to be put out to pasture as it has not grown or evolved and has no clear message besides being a slightly nicer Honda. Now they took most of the lineup and hit them with an ugly stick. Seems the same design gurus are now taking a whack at all Hondas too.

  • Caraholica Caraholica on Sep 03, 2009

    Yikes! I do hope they keep it away from small children. Seriously, where’s the real Crosstour? This bastard child of an Aztek/X6/Sebring abomination cant be a real Honda. Can it?