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Bugatti’s newest concept, the Galibier, has hit the autoblogopshere, revealing a long, low, shapely . . . hatchback. Luckily it’s a really extra special opulent hatchback with eight exhaust pipes and a name jacked from an Alpine pass (and the Bugatti history books). Otherwise one might be tempted to call it rude things . . . like the grandchild of a Bentley Continental, the Chrysler 200C concept, a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a church organ. Start saving those millions!

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37 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Bugatti Hatches a Family Car Edition...”

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    Let me guess. It’s based on a…. Porsche Panamera?

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    I assume it has the W-16 1001bhp enging – top speed north of 250mph? If so then I’d imagine the aerodynamics pretty much dictate the shape.

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    What’s up with the leg-pinching rear door when the rear wheel is pushed out that far? Only vehicles like the original Cherokee require that look, and that’s where it makes visual sense.

    This is one oddly proportioned vehicle.

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    Damn, they release this just when the cash for clunkers program ended! I bet they planned it that way.


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    Looks exactly like a Panamera. VW should have borrowed the styling from Bentley instead

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    Kristjan Ambroz

    I think it’s quite nice from the front, the two tone paint definitely does not work from the side, and the 8 exhaust pipes look like a late MaxPower add-on :(

    Any word on the mechanics of the beast yet?

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    The overall lines are nice, but that god-awful two-tone finish makes it look like the do-it-yourself bone yard repair jobs that I see on the local streets all too often. And while the grille is an interesting retro touch, it’s not integrated into the front end design at all.

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    The interior is really slick, but that chrome needs to go.

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    The “silver” looks actually like no color at all, it is bare, brushed aluminum, and the car would be better if all of it was in that non-color, like some recent Jag and Audi concepts.

    The Panamera does not look bad from the back to me. So nothing wrong if this one is not some staid 4-door sedan with a separate trunk.

    I’m curious to see the detailed specs (L W B and Wheelbase. I expect the weight to be well over 4,000 lbs. maybe 5,000.)

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    I like the back end.

    8 pipes seems kinda silly. Although no more silly than 2 pipes on a 4-banger.

    I’d pass on that two-tone paint thing, too. And the Bugatti front-end is not my favorite. The shape of that central grille orifice doesn’t really complement the lines of the rest of the nose; seems to me that it works against it.

    With some adjustments, I think I’d really like it.

    Not that I could afford it…

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    Mirko Reinhardt

    It’s awesome that it’s a hatch, but the front end looks like a Chinese bugatti knockoff. And what’s with all that chrome?

    They could just put Giugiaro’s EB218 in production instead. Equally insane, more elegant.

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    Bugatti has unveiled a concept sedan that points the direction the luxury automaker wants to head once production of the Veyron ends.

    The Bugatti Galabier 16C concept is one vision of a sedan that Bugatti wants to have in production around 2013.

    Under the hood is the 16-cylinder engine used in the Veyron. But the four turbochargers have been ditched in favor of a pair of superchargers. The concept also is equipped with all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission.

    Bugatti’s goal with the Galabier 16C is to build the world’s fastest sedan.

    Similar to the Veyron, the Galabier 16C makes extensive use of carbon fiber to reduce weight. But the concept’s doors are made from aluminum.

    The concept seats four people and puts an emphasis on luxury, not sportiness.

    Bugatti says the styling of the Galabier 16C is inspired by the curvaceous Type 57 Atlantic, built in the 1930s.

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    The only car in this sedan/hatch config that I have liked the styling of has been the Tesla S. The Porsche and this thing just don’t quite get the proportions right. Then again, the Veyron is no beauty either.

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    I like the sides of the body. It appears to be polished stainless steel. Looks freakin expensive. I bet some über rich Sheik will have it made in real gold when it’s in production.

    Also like the spine in the roof/hatch. Looks very 30’s to me.

    And the interior is GORGEOUS. See the link below. I like it. It’s simplicity and cleanliness reminded me the one in the Sixteen concept.

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    Kinda looks like a more elegant, rounded Honda Crosstour.

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    It looks exactly like Passat. Only cheaper…

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    Mirko Reinhardt

    What’s wrong with it is that Volkswagen doesn’t make a hatch version of the Passat – a car that used to be available as a hatch or a wagon, with the sedan being added to the family much later.

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    Porsche called, they want their ugly car back.

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    Great looking car. The polished alloy has to go. Ever stand near a highly polished airplane in the summer? Not only blinding, it will cook you like a microwave.

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    I see chrysler crossfire in the rear end

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    @Ingvar,@thetopdog,@essen: +1 internets to you!

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    Andy D

    The horseshoe grill was ugly in the 20s and time has not favored it. Prolly I will never see one except maybe at a show. Smaller than the Royale though

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    Andy D

    Hmmn where did the edit go? Rear of the car is well done, front, not so much.

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    That horseshoe front end reminds me of a “horseshoe” sewer. I do like the profile and lines otherwise.

    The two-toned treatment is awful. I think they should just do the entire body in an aluminum skin like a vintage airplane – it would look awesome, but could create issues on sunny days (either vision- or temp-wise).

    Oh well, another car I’ll never afford :(

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    Sold, only I’d like mine with gold two tone instead of silver, ’cause I won’t have anything tacky in my garage.

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    Rod Panhard

    I’m visualizing my next trip to Pep Boys to buy a chrome body kit so just about any car can look like a New Bug. Suh-weeeet.

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    I’ll offer up my standard response to new hot cars
    “No Manual transmission no sale”
    and my standard response to family sedans
    “What…no wagon version?”

    If they sold it as a wagon with a stick I’d buy it…somehow…perhops in 1/16th scale at the hobby shop.

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    No one’s talking about the brand cannibalization. The car’s top speed of 217 steals the title of fastest 4-door from Bugatti’s sister company… the Bentley Flying Spur previously held the fastest 4-door title at around 195 MPH.

    In any case, I think this car as actually too boring. It doesn’t have that sense of grandeur that a Bugatti should.

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    Well…. it certainly won’t be mistaken for anything else.

    David Holzman wrote: “I see chrysler crossfire in the rear end.” I was thinking the same thing, and the name “Galibiert” sounded like the author was doing a mocking take of on Dodge’s “Caliber.” Also sounds like a character out of Dilbert.

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    I can’t look at this. Perhaps if it were in “bug Blue” and black, but not looking like this.


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    What, 30 comments in and no flying vag remarks? I’m disappointed.

    To me, the rear reminds me of an enclosed E-type. It’s the only part I like.

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    Looking at this car I remember how good I have it. I mean I’m very grateful I have the tastes I do. I have an abundance of things to be thankful about besides this car. The rich really are out of their minds. I feel angry when I accept some of that lunatic behavior. Not that I don’t appreciate this car, or the indulgence of my fellow kindred spirits.

    I feel like becoming more socialist after seeing this car. I lost some faith in the current state of capitalism. I gained some too, after this cars um…courageous avant-garde risk.

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    First Bangles nearly kills the sedan/coupe by sculpting/inflating BMW’s to look like rhinocerous butts …

    Then Subaru/Toyota cleaves the STi = a generation raised on Transformers cartoons and Colin McRae, where have our heros gone?!

    And now, the lese-majeste continues … the designers are: a. dead b. Cock-fixated ex-vibrator fetishists c. All high/drunk or d. Two or more of the above.

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    I doubt that Barry Zekelman will order one.

    Ettore Bugatti was unavailable for comment.

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    This is what the Volvo P544 would have looked like had they refined it over the years.

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    Somebody accidentally dropped a Panamera in a giant vat of chrome.

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    Ooof. Here’s what I don’t get regarding this and the panamera: Around 1999 they did a study called the EB 218; to my eye it’s beautiful. In the best tradition of Bugatti and Talbot.

    Something happened on the way to the forum.

    What do you think?

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