By on September 6, 2009

Thanks to TTAC contributor Stu Sidoti for the photographs.

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22 Comments on “Supercars Eponymous...”

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    Eponymous — wasn’t he a Greek philosopher around 450 BCE? Cool car!


    PS: Anyone remember the Cheetah?

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    Neat car and a rare one that I’ve never seen before. Double neat.

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    Brand? Model?

    Prototype or production?

    It looks like Lancia or Ferrari, right?

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    What’s underneath? Maserati? Lambo? Probably American powered. American V8’s were all the rage back then for exotic eurotypes. Looks neat and that colour is gorgeous.

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    Paul Niedermeyer

    Excellent! I remember this car, but forgot about the name.

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    Found some information online and the most complete was in a post on

    “Paul Farago, a Detroit-resident Italian-born mechanic, stylist, racer and car builder, was a Chrysler Engineer and friend of Virgil Exner. He supervised construction of the Chrysler Ghia prototypes and production limousines during the ’50s and ’60s, and even ran the Dual Motor Company in Detroit, which manufactured the Dual-Ghia cars.

    In 1969 he designed and built this concept car on Pontiac Grand Prix mechanicals to showcase the capabilities of Carrozzeria Coggiola in prototype fabrication. Farago assisted with the design of the Maserati Ghibli, and that car’s long-hood, short-deck proportions are evident here. The vents on the hood had flaps below that closed above 40 mph to improve aerodynamics.”

    I guess I’m not surprised it reminded me of a Maser or Iso Griffo prototype/show car.

    On another site (which I lost track of) I read the CF428 comes from Coggiola, Farago and the 428ci engine.

    Edit: Ah – Paul N. just beat me to it! LOL

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    Paul Niedermeyer

    And quite the mash-up of design elements: Javelin, Espada, Torino.

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    I was going to guess a Mad Max movie car.

    It sort of looks like Chrysler stole the front end (hood and fenders) design for the 1971 Charger, while Ford cribbed the rear for the 1970 Torino.

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    I would have guessed an Italian one-off of the ’72 Mustang fastback…check that rear three-quarters view.

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    Looks like a Pantera crashed into a Stutz

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    Robert Schwartz

    Paul Farago. Robert Farago. Coincidence?

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    twotone: PS: Anyone remember the Cheetah?

    I don’t want to hijack the thread, but… I was in the hairpin bleachers at the end of the straight at Westwood in 1964 when the #8 red Cheetah made it’s debut in Canada. Incredible attack on the senses of a 15 year old kid to see that car perform. What a job to control that beast; It’s something that I’ll never forget.

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    It looks very Italian, very clean lines. It reminds me of a mid-70’s mid-engined Cadillac prototype, with a small backseat the shape of a half-circled bench. I’ll see if I can find it, because the lines reminds me a lot.

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    Ah, here it is. But it wasn’t mid-engined, it was rear-engined. Apparently, Zagato made two or three rear-engined cars based on the Cadillac Eldorado, called NART by Zagato. About a quarter down this page, can’t direct-link:

    I think the lines are very very similar between the Zagato prototype and the Farago car. Almost made within the same year as well. Coincidence or collaboration?

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    Any relation Robert?

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    twotone : Eponymous — wasn’t he a Greek philosopher around 450 BCE?

    Your thinking of Testaclese.

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    Next time, please keep Redcoat Tavern out of the background. 7000 miles away, I now have a slight drooling problem.

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    Lug Nuts

    Very cool. Has the looks of a heavily-massaged early-70s Plymouth Satellite, especially the fender flares and what looks like a custom nose (a la 1970 Superbird).

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    I saw this car at the Dreamcruise and got a chance to speak with the owner. The interior was stock Grand Prix. Very cool car, and I thought the ’71 Mustang owes it a debt of gratitude (ingratitude?)

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    I like it. Fabulous paint job…100s of hours of buffing, I imagine. Is it a one of one?

    I know it’s not quite the same thing, but has anyone ever seen a Monteverdi Hai? I thought that was the coolest car ever when I was growing up.

    On a somewhat related note, I’d love to have a discussion on kit cars here one day. I am tempted sometimes, but I hear so many horror stories.

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    This must have been the inspiration vehicle for the 1971 Mustang. The shape of the side glass lines, the length of the hood area, the hidden wipers, the slant and shape of the rear window, I could on and on. FORD darn near copied it exactly. HMMMM. I feel the Mustang actually looks better, with it’s deep set grill and head lights and the vertical tail end.

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    That has to be one of the coolest cars ever

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