Quote of the Day: On the One Hand Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Under certain of these scenarios, GM will be able to return a high percentage of the total funds advanced by the taxpayers, and Chrysler will return the money invested as part of the restructuring. Other scenarios, which in Treasury’s view are more likely, show much lower recoveries for the initial loans made to GM and Chrysler.

—Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner on the future of the bailout. The search for a one-handed economist continues . . . .

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Yankinwaoz Yankinwaoz on Sep 09, 2009

    Under a certain scenario, I might win the lottery. Sorry....that doesn't cut it as financial planning.

  • Ralph SS Ralph SS on Sep 10, 2009

    On the other hand.... When does a banker say publicly so that everyone, including the borrower, can hear, that he doesn't expect to get his money back. Unless, of course, if it's NOT A LOAN.

  • Logans_Run Logans_Run on Sep 10, 2009

    I'm sorry, I tried to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. I knew he was a tax-cheat but I thought that everyone deserves another chance. After watching him deliver various speeches about the state of the economy and the country's finances I realize that this guy is a sociopathic liar. This sure is "change" but I seriously doubt that there is any real "hope" involved.

  • Durishin Durishin on Sep 10, 2009

    @mpresley and ZoomZoom, To me, he looks like THIS doctor: http://www.adliterate.com/archives/2007/01/the_curious_cas.html And, if your doctor looks like that, run!