Positive Post of the Day: I Like Supercars Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
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  • Andy D Andy D on Sep 15, 2009

    Heh heh, I got more tickets driving a 36 hp VW van, than I do driving my BMWs. The not-so-super cars of yore do more for me than the new ones. Purely because I like the shapes of the old ones better. Flowing curves, not all angles and wings. 21st century headlight treatments are fugly. Driving a Ferrari or a Lamorghini may give you the impression of status, but to me it says you have more money than brains. Hell yes, I'm envious. That kinda money, I would use to become debt free and retired.

  • DearS DearS on Sep 15, 2009

    Driving My stock E34 at 6/10ths versus 9/10ths is a whole different experience. I mean its out of this world. That being said I can't drive it at the limit for more then a millisecond. It scares me so much, I feel I could die, just from the experience. It is fun as hell though. I imagine more sporty cars being even more fun to drive, but I think part of the reason my car is fun to drive at the limit is because I'm taking it there, rather it taking me. I don't see myself safely approaching the limits of supercar in a sane state of mind, which to me means its not really a fun thing to do. That's like cheating on my girl with a hot babe, its sounds more fun than it is. Self trust it where the fun is.

  • Anonymous Anonymous on Sep 15, 2009

    Who says you need to approach 9/10's in an exotic to have fun? The fun starts when you 'approach/see' the car and admire the incredible craftsmanship and beauty/lines. This fun continues when you enter the car and 'smell/touch' the fine leathers and materials. It gets even better when you twist the key (or push starter button) are 'hear' the sound of a glorious engine. Heck, you don't even need to drive out of the garage and the experience surpasses most lesser cars balz-out. Of course for ulimate fun the supercar needs to be used as intended, which means a few speeding tickets (which I'm sure these folks can afford) or used at track days (which I'm sure these folks can afford). But the bottom line is this - I'm sure glad these cars are produced and some folks can afford them, cause if the most exciting cars were EVO's/370's/Miata's/BMW's it sure would be a boring automotive landscape.

  • Imag Imag on Sep 15, 2009

    Fair point, OneRare. That is certainly true of the exotics I've driven. Part of the high horsepower appeal is the feeling of neverending, bottomless power. That said, it's sad to know that many of these works of art end up as boulevard cruisers. As a weird wraparound, it's one think I actually like about the Challenger. The automotive press gets on its case because it doesn't handle like the Mustang or the Camaro... but most people I know who would want a Challenger (or even either of the other two) could care less about handling. They want it to be fast when you stomp on it, look cool, and feel cushy. I almost think the Challenger out-muscle-cars the other two. Of course I'd rather own a Mustang, but that's because I like sports cars. I'd probably rather take a trip to Vegas in a Challenger though... Areitu - I will say, *some* of the traction control systems allow people to extract better performance out of the car (but not the one in the Z!). I also agree with Baruth there - traction control is a good idea for high-powered cars on the street.