By on September 13, 2009

Closed course, semi-professional drivers. I’m told.

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27 Comments on “Street Race Proves It: New Toyota Prius Faster Than Old Toyota Prius...”

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    Was that off-camera voice none other than Sherman from the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show? And for the eco dweebs that get all lathered up over something as poorly conceived and produced as this, ahem, race, come on over to my garage this afternoon and watch some touch-up paint drying — a few daubs of white on an ’05 CR-V vs a few daubs of green on an ’01 CR-V. I promise it won’t last nearly as long and will be much more exciting.

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    I still have fantasies of launching rockets at these things with an F-16 from 1500 feet.

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    people race bicycles. They race themselves. Talk about slow. I bet somewhere people even race snails.

    Anyway, Tom Tancredo, who ran for president in the last election, and who drives one, says “It goes like a banshee!” (He bought it so he could use the HOV lanes without passengers in the dc metro area, where he was a congressman.)

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    Someone who has modified it with a bigger battery and KERS-like system. And a turbo…

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    Steven Lang

    Three classic moments in that video:

    1) The excessive use of hands to emphasize every single syllable that’s uttered out of ‘Dad’.

    2) The WTF moment that comes with having Rocky Raccoon come out of retirement. Actually, I’m sure he’s a great kid but the voice of a ten year old coming out of nowhere is definitely weird in a funny ha-ha way.

    3) The fact that NEITHER car could pull off even a small peel out due to the traction control. C’mon folks. This is supposed to be a race of cars, not wheelchairs. I’m thinking that they just didn’t want to strain the vehicles that much.

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    A drag race isn’t a drag race unless the T/C is turned off. Unless we’re racing biturbo Benzes with open differentials…

    Cute video, though. The current Prius’ slow pull away from the older model was dorky-hilarious.

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    Darth Lefty

    That launch is eerie.

    “Stighetti” is pretty funny, imo.

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    Steven Lang: “The WTF moment that comes with having Rocky Raccoon come out of retirement.”I believe he/she (not sure which) was a squirrel as the name was actually ‘Rocket J. Squirrel’ of ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle’ fame.

    If those guys had been smart, for a better advantage than turning off the A/C, they should have rolled the windows up, too.

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    Did Toyota go to a ‘wet arm’ windshield wiper spray on the 3G Prius? Looks like the it has a smooth hood in comparison to the 2G which has hood nozzles.

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    Maybe the better aerodynamics of the smooth hood is why the 3G won.

    I also was a little curious as to why ‘Stighetti’ felt the need to wear a helmut. I suspect it was more due to embarrassment than anything else (he also never speaks).

    It was interesting to hear the electric motors’ whine as they ‘rocketed’ down the ‘dragstrip’.

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    Stighetti forgot to have his stereo blasting Verdi opera arias.

    Next time have the kid say: “That trick never works!”


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    It’s not the aerodynamics, which were very well developed in the gen II. (even the Gen II’s roof had all kinds of uneven surfaces and other details to reduce drag) It clearly has to be the considerable extra power the Gen III has, as well as the much larger engine (now 1.8lt).

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    I also was a little curious as to why ‘Stighetti’ felt the need to wear a helmet.

    You need to watch Top Gear to get the joke.

    And the video was a gag, obviously. Some people are taking this one a bit too seriously.

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    Jeff Puthuff

    Pch101 wrote: Some people are taking this one a bit too seriously.

    Hear, hear. This man speaks the truth.

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    That was great! I never saw two snails race before. :)

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    haha, nice concept. Next time follow it up with a “new-Prius jump off”. Cute touch having the kid start the race.

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    Racing Priuses is all fine and dandy until somebody’s feelings get hurt and the inevitable latte fight begins.

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    Not that it matters in this particular company, but as one whpo has driven these 2 generations extensively, I can tell you that the new one is quite an improvement. At least over the 2nd generation…..

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    I have to say – I was curious, and I’m glad someone put this together. I’m also glad the video was non-professional. It’s a silly race, and a silly video, but it answered the question.

    In other words, nice job.

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    @Flashpoint: I think you’d have better luck with the cannon. But if you’re going for ground attack, nothing beats picking off Priii at 300 kts and 500 feet with an A-10.

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    Falshpoint & DarkWing

    Just get a copy of GTA4 and you can blow up the Kirin Dilettante to your to your hearts content.

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    I’d like to see a race (drag race or loop) between a Prius and a Daewoo Kalos Chevy Aveo.

    My money would be on the Prius.

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    Good job Roman!

    Part of the fun is now watching the exploding heads in the comments here.

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    I also was a little curious as to why ‘Stighetti’ felt the need to wear a helmet.

    I’m just shocked that someone who reads TTAC doesn’t watch Top Gear. Seriously, Top Gear is to television programming what Titian’s “The Rape of Europa” is to Renaissance art.

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    So its less slow than it was?

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    Some say that when he was a tiny bambino his parents gave him a Vespa instead of a baby carriage…

    Some say that he uses the scissor doors of his Lamborghini to slice his prosciutto…

    All I know is that he’s called the Stighetti!

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    Just loved the scream of electric motors as they launched both cars. Don Garlits once said a drag race is won in the first 60 feet and this is no exception.

    The kid had time to run down the track to the end and film the finish. I bet his Huffy whipped both cars.

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