Yes, But Does The Grille Light Pulse To The Music?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Pete Pete on Aug 31, 2009

    Interesting new direction and engine technologies. The devil will be in the details of getting from concept to production.

  • ZoomZoom ZoomZoom on Aug 31, 2009

    Enough talk. Now make the damned thing. Make it real, make it reliable, and tell me what the mileage will be to run it on Diessel. No hybrids: This keeps BMW off my list. Fix that, willya?

  • Niky Niky on Sep 01, 2009

    3 cylinder turbodiesel... (the 3-pot is the best engine config... next to the boxer-four and the V-twin... seriously...) 350 hp, 75 mpg, 0-62 in 4.8 seconds... four seats and mid-engined? Count me in. Oh, and the styling is fantastic. I doubt it will reach production, but as a preview of the next sub-M 3-series... or possibly even the next M3... it's impressive.

  • Johnny Canada Johnny Canada on Sep 01, 2009

    Oh come on, BMW can't even manufacture cars with reliable LED instrumentation. To think that they're going to multiply the level of electrical complexity by 300% is delusional.