By on August 6, 2009

Is $2.00 gas killing the Middle East economy? Strolling through a Mercedes dealership in Abu Dhabi revealed this SLR Roadster priced at 2.44 million Dirhams. Think the exchange rate will help? Nope, try $667,000. Talk about mark-ups! When the salesman was asked about the tremendous mark-up, he suddenly forgot how to speak English and walked off. (That, or it was my Innova rental in the parking lot.) Still for this kind of money buyers get a red checkered top that looks like it was stolen off a pimp, and black wheels previously seen in a Tire Rack ad. Even if I was ultra rich, I may just have to pick up another vacation home and a Gallardo instead.

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5 Comments on “Mercedes McLaren SLR Roadster. NOW How Much Would You Pay?...”

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    I’ve seen this car in the flesh at my personal Benz Dealer “Silver Star” (Northern Blvd – and Its really not that exciting.

    The special LED turn signals and brake lights and the wheels look cool but other than that, I couldn’t see spending more than $100,000.

    For the $667K they wanted for it in abu Dhabi I’d have rathered bought a Murcielago. However, if I had millions to spend, I’d be buying a Veyron.

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    cRacK hEaD aLLeY

    In Rio de Janeiro lives a known megalomaniac developer, son of a certain ex-Minister, who has one of these things sitting on his living room, on display.

    His SLR’s sole purpose in life is to impress replace his trophy wife who left with the kids for a cop after an affair with a local firefighter. I kid you not.

    This particular SLR sits next to a grand Steinway and some questionable art above the entrance hall that houses – of all things – one of three big-block offshore blown V8’s used to propel the minister’s son to a local offshore record where he was the only competitor.

    I think this car was intended exactly for this type of audience and it’s very successful when sticking to its intended mission: impressing children, females and the uninformed public in general.

    The Pep-Boy’s blinker trick certainly helps.

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    It looks like an SLK. It may be brilliant to drive, but I wouldn’t pay $700K (or even $200K) for one for the same reason I wouldn’t pay $300K for a customized Corvette.

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    It’s amazing to me that they’ve decided to make it uglier than it was already in its basic form. If you’re looking for ridiculous performance in a strangely proportioned sportscar with a retarded amount of power, the Viper seems to be a much better proposition. At least from the perspective of bang for the buck. Then again, I guess if you’ve got the means to buy one of these things, the buck isn’t really top of mind.

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    There’s a limit to just how big I want the ladies to think my pee-pee is, and it stops with my cigar boat. This thing looks like a hair piece on wheels.

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