Henry Ford III Loves Him Some Blue Oval

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

King Henry III’s motto was qui non dat quod habet non accipit ille quod optat. He who does not give what he has does not receive what he wants. Henry Ford III is down with that. Autoweek.com reports that Crazy Henry’s not-short-of-a-bob-or-two great-great grandson spent two years as a junior high English and math teacher. So tell me what he wants, what he really wants. Three Sticks is a bit cagey on the “someday this will all be mine” front. “‘That’s not something I’m really focused on,’ he said politely, sounding like the young William Clay Ford, a guy who eventually did take over the company. ‘At this point in my career, there’s so much to learn about the auto industry and I really enjoy the learning aspect.'” So what has the 29-year-old scion (small “s”) learned? “I think the Ford products are far and away superior to our competitors right now,” he said. “I drove an Accord, Civic, Pilot, I don’t think they’re as well-designed, I don’t think they drive as well, I think our products are far ahead of them.” Absit omen.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Accs Accs on Aug 24, 2009

    KING Bojack: In case you didn't know.. Ford is full of BLUNDERS and SCREWUPS and every single comment.. is time dated. Meaning the time that Mulally got hired, the time the Taurus factory got canned, and the time the Focus got redone.. is within 2-3 months of each other. Makes them all relevant. Now The only reason why the damn car even sells now is because its Ford's only attempt at a compact car in the U.S., on top of the whole C4C b.s. The SVT Focus comes after a long line of shitty vehicles that SVT put out. When the market started going south they disbanded and spread themselves all over hell. The basic point with the motor was... The car started with a 2.0, and it ended with a 2.0. So essentially.. Ford spent a coupla billion dollars on the Focus for 05 and 08.. and they still look almost completely alike, as the ones from 99. Great. *Toilet flushing sound in the background* It would have been MORE COST EFFECTIVE if they would have just redid the whole damn car, from frame to motor, interior details to electronics every 4-5yrs like EVERYONE ELSE DOES (read: japanese). And otherwise.. You'd be a more of a nut than I thought.. to buy the same damn car.. just a coupla years later. Car hasnt changed, not any better.. dont bother. The Focus.. is average for Ford, better than the Cobalier and the Neon ever could be. At least.. Mo Fo Co is spending the money to keep the car going.. instead of just dumping it and launching a new one, like their history suggests. And I hate to rain on ya parade.. But I'm one of those 5% of people.. actually wanting to drive the next Focus, in a 5dr hatch, in orange... with those alum wheels. Im also sick and tired.. of Ford pushing out such gutless, cheap ass, BUCKET OF MONEY ON THE HOOD shit, while sitting back and relaxing on their SUV / CUV background. The current one.. is such shit, in so many ways. NTM, it personally DISGUSTS ME that people could be so flippin stupid / cheap.. to buy a car that's 10yrs old, but of course add the SYNC b.s in.

  • Matt51 Matt51 on Aug 25, 2009

    Ford can't sell their cars in Europe, but Euro Fords are going to sell in America? Didn't GM just try this with Opels sold as Saturns? How well did this work for GM? A decently equipped Focus currently goes for around $20K? Ford has nothing to match the Nissan/Hyundai/Kia/Suzuki low end cars. For about the same money, I would buy a Fit or Civic or Mazda 3 over a Focus. Now Ford will add a turbo, which bumps up the price, and they think this is going to sell? GM's death has distracted everyone from Ford's death. Ford is now the Titanic, and has hit the iceberg. Yes the band is still playing, but we know how the story ends.

  • Accs Accs on Aug 25, 2009

    MATT51: I think the difference between GM selling Opels as Saturns in the U.S.. And Ford bringing over its european stuff is... For one, GM just rebadged the Opel stuff as a Saturn. They also didnt give enough marketing money to show off what DID came over. Notice Astra **crickets** What did come over is the Aura which looks the same as the Malibu which again got more money than Saturn did. Bottom line.. GM brought over Opel stuff to badge as a Saturn and the stuff failed, (except for the Vue, which is a different story altogether.) The Ford stuff.. COULD be a big deal. If they sell and market it properly. I will say this much... It is possible to buy a Civic for 20g, and get the EX. Its also possible to get the hybrid with the leather and navigation for 27g. You can also buy a stripper for 16g. But Honda doesnt advertise that (like everyone else does).. only $199mo lease rates for Accord and Civic, being the base models. I think its possible to spend 20g for a Civic and I might, if it had the hatch and more features to be compared against a Mazda 3. With that said.. I see no problem buying a smaller car with the options. But.. this IS America.. where people want the most for their money and buying a Civic for 25 is probably foreign (literally), and buying a Malibu or a Accord could be their choice.

  • King Bojack King Bojack on Aug 25, 2009

    Mr. Accords: I still don't know why I made a simple comment about the Focus and you brought up the Taurus and Mulally and Ford Jr. etc. etc. Yes Ford has had and still does and for the forseeable future will have issues, some quite big but that wasn't anything I was talking about. Anyways, on to the debate I actually brought up, So Ford should arbitrarily screw with the displacement of the motor just because? Not all 2.0's are the same. They did upgrade and stop using the Zetec because it was old as dirt and use a Mazda derived engine now. Quite a good one too. If you think the current Focus looks like the 99 one you're delusional. Nothing that matters to most car buyers is the same as the 99 or 05 Focus. The 08 Focus also sold quite well way before any country was doing a C4C program. You're also deluding yourself if you think that SVT only cranked out junk. It's a shame they stopped the SVT Focus but what we gonna do? You say buying an old car is stupid because it's old. Ummm, ok. As if that matters as long as the car sells. I could esaily say that buying an untested new car w/ little aftermarket support or used parts supply etc. is stupid. But enough providing Troll bait for now. Later!