What's Wrong With This Picture: One Two Three Edition

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • FloorIt FloorIt on Jul 19, 2009

    Holy Shit! I haven't been to the city in a while & only thought there were maybe 20 camera in the metro area. Time to install that James Bond gadget "flip to another license plate".

  • R H R H on Jul 19, 2009

    2 weeks ago I was driving to work and slammed on the brakes to NOT go through the yellow. I then timed the oncoming light as I waited at the red. I did this for two lights. On my wrist/stopwatch I came up with 2.84 on first timing attempt, and 2.91 seconds on the second light. I absolutely did NOT stop it early. That is a ridiculously short yellow-> red change on a main road that people hit 40+mph on.

  • Vento97 Vento97 on Jul 20, 2009
    paulie : You may look at it as red light cameras. I look at this as the late arrival of George Orwell’s 1984. You see, this is BIG BROTHER catching up. It’s the slow Chinese water drip wearing out the people’s desire to be free. The constant battle wears us down so we eventually quit the fight. Or to put it another way - remembering a poem I read on a bathroom wall back in high school: "You will obey me while I lead you, And eat the garbage that I feed you, Until the day that we don't need you, Don't call for help - no one will heed you, Your mind is totally controlled, It has been stuffed into my mold, And you will do as you are told, Until the rights to you are sold..." 1984 was one of my all-time favorite books. It's scary to see how life begins to imitate art...
  • Autojunkie Autojunkie on Jul 20, 2009

    It's all of the GM dealerships in the Chicago area.