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Piech has a new enemy: The taxman. Volkswagen’s planned takeover of Porsche could be a taxable event to the tune of €3B, writes the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

As the derivative-wielding duo Wiedeking and Härter are surely aware of, there are ways to circumvent this nasty detail. VW’s CFO reportedly has shown the ways. However, this needs cooperation on both sides. The Porsche side seems to be uncooperative and happy about the tax issues. If a solution can’t be found, then “the deal is off” the Süddeutsche quotes a source, notably sitting on the Porsche board. A Porsche speaker also said that “there is a problem.” Apparently, a welcome one.

It affects high politics: Lower Saxony’s premier Christian Wulff already fingered Wendelin Wiedeking as the “irresponsible” instigator of the tax discussion. According to Der Spiegel, the tax matter will mean a further delay. The magazine does not expect a decision at the board meetings of both Porsche and Volkswagen, to be held 7/23.

For the first time, Wiedeking signaled that he might be on the way out. Süddeutsche‘s source on the Porsche board quoted Wiedeking as saying. “I cannot promise that I’ll stay if Porsche will be sold.” If Volkswagen succeeds in buying Porsche, he definitely won’t stay.

Germany’s Bild Zeitung now estimates Porsche’s debt at €14B. It used to be €9B, then more than €11B. Apparently, some of these derivative deals are going the wrong way. Porsche could be kaputt if not saved quickly.

Volkswagen’s ordinary shares were down 9.2 percent on the news, Porsche fell 7.9 percent.

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8 Comments on “Taxes Could Kill Porsche Deal...”

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    bertel scmitt:

    to my last posting, where i laid the blame for this terrible mess on weideking, you cryptically responded that i ought not entirely absolve piech, “who was in on it from the start till weideking became uppity.” (or words to that effect.)

    that sounded very bad. . . if i get your meaning, it was a case of piech a major shareholder in porsche & to a lesser proportion in vw seeking to gain a larger ownership overall, but discovering subsequently that the hireling weideking had ambitions that threatened the position of piech the vw ceo?

    if so, they richly deserve each other. the bad part is the collateral damage inflicted by their evil, devious games on the business.

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    No matter which way the merger goes, Wiedeking and Härter sure have dug a deep hole for Porsche.

    Both financial whiz kids will probably be gone soon, but Porsche will be strapped for funds for some time to come.

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    rcolayco : Yes, I’m saying this. Piech was no shareholder of Volkswagen. He was a very well paid employee. He was certainly aiding and abetting the takeover of the company he worked for by a company he owns a large chuck of. He was expecting Wiedeking to do his job, and then take a cushy job and be quiet. Well, he didn’t.

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    ~$10 billion seems bit high for Porsche AG, even if it’s all in the family.

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    OK, the old tried & true formula proven yet again . . .
    Greed (Piech) + Megalomania (Weideking) = Disaster

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    Unless a cash flow miracle occurs, seems like Porsche will get cheaper every day.

    Eventually it will be worthless and the tax problem will dissolve.

    If I were VW, I would walk away.. Make em’ sweat and a cut last minute deal (with lots of tax incentive) to save Porsche from liquidation.

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    That’s the way I’d go too, lw if I were VW.

    Can’t recall now, but isn’t that huge debt held by Porsche SE? If so, what the Porsche/Piech clan must now do is to surrender Porsche AG to VW and use the cash received from that to pay down Porsche SE’s debt. . . and they end up with . . . zilch. Unless VW are prepared to issue shares to SE and absorb the debt.

    If the above makes sense, the Porsche’s/Piech’s may have no choice but to let the Qatar money in.

    In any case, this looks like a colossal misadventure that has left everyone (except the lenders, the Qatari and maybe the lawyers?) the loser.

    It just didn’t have to be this way.

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    Wow, Wiedeking seems like one poisonous little dude!

    Lots of ego here, but his seems even worse than Papa Piech’s.

    +I’m sure that Piech is probably making the taxman an offer he can’t refuse as we speak.

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