Tapscott: Cash for Clunkers Will Become Permanent

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

When it comes to federal teat suckling, Mark Tapscott’s got the inside line. I don’t mean Edmunds and I don’t mean he does it personally; Mark knows a lot about how the beltway boys reach into the taxpayer’s trousers to play pocket pool. So, while Tapscott joins the MSM (and TTAC) in announcing the bogus Cash for Clunkers program’s pre-mature hiatus, he’s out in front re: the C.A.R.S. program’s long term fate. Mark says the bill was secretly written with permanent marker. In other words, the billion dollar (for starters) Cash for Clunker boondoggle’s a keeper. The writer gives five—count ’em five!— reasons for car dealers to be perpetually cheerful about automotive euthanasia . . .

First, anytime Congress and the White House see an opportunity to take tax dollars and give them to somebody who can vote, they will do it . . .

Second . . . [it’s] an irresistible opportunity for the Washington politicians and bureaucrats to expand their power and perogatives over the rest of us . . .

Third, the timing is perfect . . . In just four days, Cash-for-Clunkers has given new life to the whole idea that government spending is the way to stimulate the economy. People are more receptive now than they will ever be to the idea of making a temporary measure permanent.

Fourth, Washington money is like crack cocaine . . .

Finally, the media won’t tell the whole story of Cash-for-Clunkers. Reporting on it will emphasize two things – Happy dealers and buyers getting new cars and trucks, and worried dealers wondering what will happen when the program ends.

What won’t be reported will be the actual cost of the program to the taxpayers, the transitory economic stimulus it provides, and how the most severe consequences will be felt among low-inomes people who must depend on used cars and trucks for their transportation.

No argument here.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • VLAD VLAD on Jul 31, 2009

    Rod Panhard, If I could look at it like that then I would be laughing my arse off.

  • Rivercat30 Rivercat30 on Jul 31, 2009
    Japans debt is about to hit 200% of GDP. The US is at about 60% debt held by the public. How did things in Japan get so out of hand? They waited too long to before they began their simulus. Maybe, but I don't think that's been established as fact. I've read plenty of analyses that suggest that the failure was due to the general uselessness of the projects themselves and to the standard pork and payola that one expects to accompany a government redistribution of the productive's money. Not saying your assertion is wrong, just that it may be one of a host of factors which determined the outcome of Japan's stimulus efforts. I believe they also raised taxes when they started to get concerned about the deficit, which some believe killed the initial stimulus momentum. Sounds eerily similar to some other things I've heard in the news.......
  • Master Baiter Not sure why I can buy an iPhone made in China but not a car. 🤔Automotive lobby, I guess...
  • Tassos Jong-iL Mr. Healey, honesty is key and there have been several accusations about your biases towards different brands. We hope you can prove these badactors wrong and show us the proper way.
  • Redapple2 37% USA Canada content. This should pass you off ! THIRTY SEVEN.
  • Theflyersfan I guess I should have kept my first ever car which was also a 1987 Nissan. Probably could have sold it for $50,000 by now if I was living in this fantasy world where used up 37 year old Nissans sell for the same price as a new Versa. I wish a link was here so all of us can check out this treasure among junk 200SX. The only way this car is even remotely worth that kind of money is if there are illicit substances hidden somewhere in the frame that, as part of the sale, you have to drive across the border and "make a delivery." Otherwise, get that thing off of my lawn.
  • Sobro Needs moar Roots.