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What is your number one priority in your new role and please be as specific as possible?

Bob Lutz

Until I know more about the job I won’t be as specific as possible because i might have to recant next month when i know what i’m doing.

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11 Comments on “Quote of the Day: Maximum Chaos Edition...”

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    Hey, give him credit. At least he was as truthful as possible.

    And he isn’t the first one to take a job that hasn’t been well defined. More often than you might think, the incumbent defines the job.

    But once Government Motors gets fully Civil-Serviceized, all the jobs will have precise definitions. Like the Post Office.

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    I bet he has no uncertainty about his compensation package. My guess is an assload of stock options with guarantees. Say, option to buy several million shares at their present value-$0.00

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    That picture is hilarious. I can only imagine what those two are saying. It’s probably something along the lines of “hey Bobby boy, you sumbitch, let’s boogie on over to the Bouzouki and pay for a girl’s medical school education.”

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    I just have to ask: Is that a toupé, or a really bad comb over?

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    So after doing this job for years, he still hasn’t been told what his job duties are? I think we finally found GM’s major problem.

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    I like him. Always did. At least he keeps as close to the truth as possible and is always good for a quote. He’s an old fox surrounded by weasels.

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    This actually was an amazingly cool answer…

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    Ingvar: Is there such a thing as a good comb over ?

    Shave above the ears, much ?

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    The gentleman in the photo with Mr. Lutz is none other than Robert Stempel, the former chief executive officer of GM who was forced out of office by the corporation’s board of directors in 1992.

    The conversation between these two was probably quite interesting…

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    The conversation between these two was probably quite interesting…

    Reading his lips I would say he is saying something along the lines of

    “I told you so” or
    “You are so screwed”

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