By on July 2, 2009

New car registrations in Germany, Europe’s biggest auto market, went stratospheric by 40 percent in June. At record numbers, Germany’s Autofahrer junked their old cars, collected €2500 and bought a new one, says Reuters. This followed a May that also saw a 40 percent rise over the same month last year.

New car sales in the first six months of the year were two million units, a gain of 26 percent.

Sales in June were again led by the smallest car models. Sales of Mini-sized cars rose 120 percent, next size up rose 85 percent. Registrations of premium cars, mid-sized models, sports cars and vans fell at double-digit rates, the importer interest group VDIK said.

Sales to private owners rose 99 percent while corporate ownership dropped 20 percent. No wonder, Germany’s cash for clunker Abwrackprämie is paid to private owners only.

All in all, Germany expects to sell anywhere between 3.6 million and 3.8 million new cars this year, compared with three million in 2008. Unless the Abwrackprämie is extended, the German sales rocket will plunge back to mother earth in 2010 with sales of around 2.6 million, experts expect.

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7 Comments on “Powered by Abwrackprämie: Germany’s June Sales Up 40 Percent...”

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    Hows about a nice colourful bar chart showing monthly sales in months over the last 3ish years so we get a feel for it visually ?

    40% difference tells me nothing as I don’t know how good/bad 2008 was ??

    Thanks if you can!

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    All in all, Germany expects to sell anywhere between 3.6 and 3.8 new cars this year, compared with 3m in 2008.

    Four cars for the whole country for 2009 is not too good, LOL.

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    Ask, and you shall receive.

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    per the chart…,property=default.gif

    wonder why German car sales seasonally jump in March… this when the German car model year starts? Income tax refunds?

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    So how many cars did Germany export during June?

    That’s where the real story is.

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    That’s the normal (and always predictable) German seasonality. New cars are released in spring, and to a lesser degree in fall. Are they released because of the seasonality, or is the seasonality because the cars are released? I don’t know. It always has been that way.

    Workshop throughput follows a similar trend.

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    Thanks Bertel, pity it stops in Dec 2007 though !!

    Cheers, sutski

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