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Chrysler press release: “Overall industry figures for June 2009 are projected to come in at an estimated 9.7 million SAAR. ”
Expected around 10 million . . . depending on who was doing the expecting.

Automotive News:

BMW Group –20.3 percent
Chrysler –41.9 percent
Daimler AG –26.4 percent
Ford Motor Co. –10.7 percent
General Motors –33.4 percent
Honda –29.5 percent
Hyundai Group not reported yet
Jaguar Land Rover not reported yet
Maserati –47.9 percent
Mazda not reported yet
Mitsubishi not reported yet
Nissan –23.1 percent
Porsche –66.0 percent
Subaru +3.4 percent
Suzuki –78.0 percent
Toyota –31.9 percent
VW -21.3 percent
Other –23.7 percent
TOTAL –28.4 percent

First six months 4,177,830 units sold, –37.2 percent

Update follows

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22 Comments on “June SAAR 9.7 Million with 75% Reported...”

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    Justin Berkowitz

    VW’s USA sales have been reported, drop of 18%.

    Tiguan and Routan are really keeping those numbers up. Believe it or not the Routan is the #2 seller in the VW stable behind the Jetta. The Jetta sales almost match the sales of every other VW combined. The CC did okay with 1200 units, probably stole most of its sales from the regular Passat.

    But … Jetta sedan down 69%, Passat down 74%, Rabbit down 78%.

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    Go Subaru!

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    I’m amazed at people buying Subarus.

    In retrospect from my ownership experience, they really aren’t good cars- even Chryslers have better interiors and build and materials quality. They’re not particularly reliable, and the dealership service is horrible.

    The all-wheel-drive part is nice, but that doesn’t make up for what can easily be considered the worst automatic transmission (what I’d imagine most of their vehicles sell with despite the WRX Crowd) I’ve encountered on any new vehicle. What’s most maddening is that everything felt like it was sourced from a junk yard- the ‘premium’ stereo sounded like garbage, the HVAC controls were useless (had it replaced twice), the switchgear was absolute crap, and the overall design and ergonomics were, in retrospect, awful.

    In fact, given they’re not particularly attractive (current Legacy aside), comfortable, well performing (WRX and STi aside), high quality, fun to drive (Again, WRX and STi aside), or economical, Who the hell is buying them?

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    Probable explanations:
    – Too many people living in other people’s basement
    – “Why should I shell out good money to replace a car I don’t like with a new car I wouldn’t like either?”
    – “Where’s the fun of driving?” Surrounded by CCVTs operated by greedy municipalities, sucking oil and insurance companies, ridiculous rules (speed, particulates), it seems that driving a vehicle is quite overburdened now.

    BTW: Why should the automotive branch be better off than others? Is there a branch that is doing well today? Even breweries and pubs in Bavaria suffer…

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    Who the hell is buying them?

    Um, me. Okay, me last June. Our 09 Forester is nice, looks good (always subjective) and is very comfortable. It also has as much space inside as my geezy old 93 Explorer Sport.

    Yes, my Subaru from 1982 was an unreliable piece o’ crap….just like everything else on the market back then more or less.

    A year is too soon to tell about this car but so far, it’s run like a top, no problems.

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    Is your Ford Explorer your only frame of reference for the 09 Forester, or did you test drive a Rogue, CR-V, Rav4, Escape as well? When comparing my old GM product, I thought the Subaru was grand, but a brief test drive to see what the competition offered at the same price left me grasping for straws to justify my purchase.

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    Seth L


    Most of the Pacific Northwest would disagree.

    ETA: Woo! Go Suzuki!

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    Who is buying them?

    I would be. I bought 2 in the last 5 years. GO SUBARU! All of there line ups are not without problems but what are you shopping for?

    If you are not willing to trade interior quality for what you get under the hood then the price goes up.

    Subaru has been selling what I have wanted for the last long while (in my current price range)

    Maby when I get older a BMW or a Audi will offer even more fun with a better inside.

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    “Why should I shell out good money to replace a car I don’t like with a new car I wouldn’t like either?”

    It’s worse than that. Why should I shell out good money to replace a car I DO LIKE with a new car I would NOT LIKE?

    A wise man once told me that a sure way to riches was to sell things people don’t need–there’s much more profit in things people want than in things they need.

    Needing a new car won’t get me into a showroom soon, wanting one might. But there’s nothing I really want right now. Sure, there are cars I like enough to research and even test drive, but so far I’m not finding the bundles of options that appeal to me–and which I have in the present fleet.

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    In retrospect from my ownership experience, they really aren’t good cars- even Chryslers have better interiors and build and materials quality. They’re not particularly reliable, and the dealership service is horrible.

    You sure you owned a Subaru? We’ve had three – a 1980 GL wagon, a 1984 GL wagon, and a 1990 Legacy. We still have the Legacy and it’s running fine. The only one that was in the dealership for any warranty repair was the Legacy, and that was a recall on the then-new 4EAT transmission. That work was done in 1991 and we’ve never had a problem with the tranny since then. Only thing on the Legacy? It eats CV boots; however, I can now replace both half-axles blindfolded in less than an hour.

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    In retrospect from my ownership experience, they really aren’t good cars- even Chryslers have better interiors and build and materials quality. They’re not particularly reliable, and the dealership service is horrible.

    My cousin bought a Forester and it is awesome to drive. Handles well in the snow and rain plus it has great pickup. However, you are right about the interiors…very low quality from what I saw. Some of the design elements seemed poorly executed.

    Let me ask….do you think that Subaru targets a certain market or age group?

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    Subaru interiors don’t look like Audis’ but they wear like iron. My ’93 Legacy L wagon, 270k miles, has cloth seats. There are no rips in them and I have not been particularly careful; neither have the dogs. The legends are rubbing off the cruise control lever but it always works. The “modesty shield” over the cargo well is original and it always retracts and extends. About the only thing wrong with the interior is the flopping driver’s sun visor and this is held up with tape.

    Ditto the rest of the car, BTW: engine never apart, original clutch, third gear synchro is beginning to get tired but that’s it.

    A Subaru dealer told me, a few years back, that they are selling to people who used to buy Volvos (but quit when they got flash and unreliable). Subarus remind me of camels – they might grumble and perhaps spit at you, they look scruffy and weird, but by God they will go where you point them and they’ll do it for a very long time.

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    Soooo, think any of the ‘not reported yets’ can beat (in the bad sense) Suzuki? Yikes.

    Maybe Porsche’s quality woes are taking a toll on them.

    And…’Go Ford!’ avoid the bailout buffet.

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    Subaru is part of the story. 3.4% on top of small sales is still a small number.

    The other half of the story is CNBC stating every day this week that the recession is over “Horray!” and yet a large ticket industry like autos is in the toilet and still sinking toward the treatment plant.

    Oh, and the annualized 8.2 million units for all of 2009 based on the first six months. WOW. Wasn’t it going to impossible for GM if that number slipped below 9 million? Just saying.

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    did you test drive a Rogue, CR-V, Rav4, Escape

    Absolutely. Rogue was the worst of the lot. The CVT was abysmal. The Rav4 was, well, boring. Plus, we hate the external spare tire. The Escape had gotten too big and was pretty bulky to drive.

    The CRV was very nice, in fact, its auto tranny was far far superior to the Forester’s quite craptacular 4 sp auto (we have a 5 sp manual). However, the CRV’s rear, seat down storage was poorly managed and a lot less than the Subie.

    Oh yeah, it was also the best value. Everything else was at least 2K more at the bottom trim line (good luck even finding that). No regrets on this purchase.

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    “The other half of the story is CNBC stating every day this week that the recession is over”

    As the Daily Show demonstrated – they’re not exactly an authoritative source of reasoned financial advice so I’m not surprised. They’re quickly going the way of Headline News (if they’re not there already.)

    But as you pointed out, that annualized number is bad. And not just for GM…

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    I’m with grog. The 5-speed Forester is the best deal out there when compared with the competition. I love mine. Its a high-quality, no BS vehicle.

    I had never looked at Subarus seriously before, but they presently have a very good line-up. Slow an steady may win the race after all.

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    @Grog: you think the CVT on the Rogue is worse than the 4 speed auto on the Forester? Good luck using cruise control on the highway, and enjoying the constant hunt between “too high” and “too low.”

    I’ll go with some problems I have with the Forester I owned:

    1. The Stereo- even the high-end one with 7 speakers had terrible sound. I don’t mean “not so good,” I mean worse sound than just about every car sold today. I’m no Audiophile, my prior car had only four speakers and a casette player, but kudos to Subaru for making 7 “premium” speakers sound far worse.

    2. The Stereo- the actual head unit was crap in how it operated. It was unresponsive at times, would blast with volume and wouldn’t respond if it was “thinking” , and despite a replacement it still remained unresponsive, sometimes requiring multiple button presses to turn it off. Yeah okay, not a big deal, but I can’t think of a single competitor’s car or even a single Chrysler product that works so poorly.

    3. The HVAC – I had 2 head units replace for the Forester’s “Auto climate control” , and you know what? It was either “Hot” , “Cold,” or “Off.” It was crap. I don’t know how you screw up a climate control system with 3 knobs on a $30k vehicle, but Subaru did with flying colors. You know what? That’s really annoying. You know what’s even more annoying? The knowledge that none of its competitors seem to have that problem. I don’t need flash, but I do need it to work.

    4. The HVAC- the air vents were poorly designed- too small and too hard to direct air flow. Minor thing? Sure maybe, but properly designing this seemingly small thing would have resulted in far fewer frozen knuckles. It’s kind of bad riding in a Honda CR-V or Rogue that has properly design air vents that are somewhat useful and properly placed and wondering why it’s so poorly half-arsed.

    5. The transmission. Ok, so get the 5 speed manual. The 4 speed auto is pure garbage. The next worst transmission I can think of is the CVT on a Dodge Caliber, and as bad as the CVT is on a Dodge Caliber, it doesn’t hunt on the highway. And the CVT on the Rogue isn’t bad at all. You mean to tell me the Rogue’s transmission, which somehow gives a comparable vehicle better performance AND better fuel economy is bad? I don’t buy it.

    6. The Interior materials were abysmal. Carpets, dash plastics, all sub-Chrysler. At first i had assumed they were “durable,” but they weren’t. The plastics are too waxy to be anything close to resilient, so after moving out after college I managed to destroy all trim aft of the driver’s seat. Anything more solid than a crayon will likely leave a permanent scratch.

    7. The Interior corner-cutting was abysmal. Quick. Name another car… ANY car where the gauges are illuminated a different color than the window switches… and a different color than the HVAC and radio controls… and not by choice. Like honestly? Seriously? I can accept that in a Hyundai Accent, but not a car that costs nearly 3 times as much. I can understand “look, we spent the money on the drivetrain so we’re making the most of cheap materials” but this just says “our buyers are too stupid to notice.”

    8. The Seats are terrible. Even with the “Sports” seats the bottom cushion is too short for anyone over 5 feet all. On newer Foresters this has been corrected, but the seats are even less supportive, and of even lower quality.

    9. The back seats were worthless. Although it ‘looked’ roomy enough when I purchased it, turns out the rear cushion is appropriate for midgets and nobody else. Again, a terrible design.

    11. Gas mileage was bad.

    You know what? The Dodge Caliber, the Chrysler Sebring, and most cars TTACers mock are better products than one of the qualities I’ve listed above. You can say “the tradeoff is reliability” or “the tradeoff is engineering” but what engineering? Other than the engine, which had difficulty starting from time to time in cold weather (and my neighbor, who recommended I go with Subaru in the first place had head gasket failure by 100k.. and isn’t the only one) , about the only thing that impressed me was the AWD system, which worked, but didn’t justify such a shoddy product.

    The icing on the cake is that the service department was miserable to deal with, and oddly enough… always booked.

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    Subaru sales up? Hum… If you go out west, you’ll notice a lot of women with mullets driving Outbacks. Well they do have more disposable income I’ve read. ;)

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    mikeolan :
    July 1st, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    In retrospect from my ownership experience, [Subarus] really aren’t good cars- even Chryslers have better interiors and build and materials quality.


    I just bought a new Legacy a couple months ago.

    As biased as any other TTAC reader, I didn’t bother to test drive a Serbring. But it might have been a mistake if you are right here.

    But I did have experience with the Camry (Dad got one) and test drove the Accord and the Sonata. After I made the purchase, I had the chance to drive a 4wd new Fusion and an Altima.

    You know what, I think my Legacy and the Sonata have the best interior. The Accord’s auto shifter gate is a real turn off and the whole car feels a bit too large for my ever congested city. The Altima’s interior is absolute crap. The all new Fusion looks sporty enough, but the steering is lighter than the Camry.

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    Oh, just in case someone wants to know who is buying Subaru at this time. My family is double professional, has a house, has a mortgage @ 1.75% interest or HLOC @ 2.25%. Not gay. Politically liberal and economically far right.

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    @wsn who has a mortgage @ 1.75%.

    Do you have an exit strategy or are you going to be one of those fellows with a foreclosed home in a couple of years?

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