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The city of Edmonton, Canada admitted this week that 158 motorists were ticketed for driving at or below the speed limit on June 21. Because a mobile speed camera unit on the Whitemud Freeway at Rainbow Valley Bridge was set up improperly that day, the city will cancel or refund about $11,000 worth of citations, the Red Deer Advocate reported. The average safe travel and design speed of the Whitemud Freeway is 100km/h (62 MPH), but city officials lowered the limit to 80km/h (50 MPH), making it a favorite location to deploy mobile photo radar traps. On Sunday, June 21, a camera operator set the device’s trigger speed to 70km/h (43 MPH). The tickets were processed, issued and mailed without any verification that the settings were correct. When motorist Matt O’Daly received a $71 ticket in the mail, he remembered that he had not been speeding on that day. After he complained to the Edmonton Police Service, officials were forced to admit the error.

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10 Comments on “Canada: Speed Camera Tickets Slow Drivers...”

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    “If you aren’t breaking the law, you have nothing to fear” oh, wait.

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    “safe travel and design speed of the Whitemud Freeway is 100km/h (62 MPH), but city officials lowered the limit to 80km/h (50 MPH)”

    Gotta love the tax dollars at work. Lets design roads to be safe at 60. But now people aren’t speeding as much : (

    Well, we could always lower the speed limit right? Because people traveling at safe speeds is a justifiable source of income.

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    A wise older woman once told me that if you want to keep your democracy you have to be responsible for it. I hope the citizens of Edmonton raise hell.

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    Damn, i thought my dream had come true, where people were actually being ticketed for going too slow.

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    Certainly the only obvious answer is to set nationwide speed limits at 10mph, with armed sentry towers every 1000ft. that will shoot any vehicle traveling faster than 11mph. No one will ever speed, and highway fatalities will drop to zero, (other than drivers being shot for speeding of course) because no one will be going fast enough to have an accident.

    This in turn will allow everyone to switch back to environmentally responsible horses and carts (why have a car if you cant go faster than 10mph) and the world will regress back to 1856, which was clearly a better time to be alive.

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    “Damn, i thought my dream had come true, where people were actually being ticketed for going too slow”

    I had the same thought. I thought Canada was a cool place but I guess everywhere police officers want to retire in style.

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    I’m a transportation engineer, who happens to live in Edmonton and has happened to do some work on Whitemud Drive. Yes the design speed is 100 km/h for the freeway, but there are some older sections that are not set for that speed.

    In Canada, we design our roads to something called “the 95th percentile speed”. This number came from a study completed in the 1980’s which looked at the actual travel speed versus signed speeds in the country. As it turns out, the higher standard the road, the higher the difference between the design speed and signed speed depending on road type. For example, an arterial roadway has a design speed of 70 km/h, but is signed at 60 km/h. A rural freeway is designed to 130 km/h but signed at 110 km/h. This difference is to protect most drivers out on the road. If someone goes faster then that and crashes, it’s their own fault.

    In all honesty though, photo radar in Edmonton is not bad. They sit at the same 2 dozen spots in the City and make zero attempt to hide. If you get a ticket, you weren’t paying attention. Even laser is usually found at about 2 dozen typical spots in the City. Even then in typical circumstances, they will only start to ticket you at 15 km/h over the limit. It’s the smaller Cities in Alberta that are the problem.

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    We in BC are tired of all the rednecks from Alberta, driving across the Rocky Mountains in their rusty pickup trucks, to terrorize us.

    Ticket them all!

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    The mini vans and Colorado/Canyon with the topper are pretty easy to spot in most instances (since they usually only sit in the same spots all the time).
    But that ‘fake’ power utility box is pretty tough to spot unless you are really paying attention.

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    Damn, i thought my dream had come true, where people were actually being ticketed for going too slow.

    Just go to a German autobahn and start cruising down the left lane doing 45km/h. You ‘ll get a HUUUGE ticket in no time, for violating the *minimum* 50km/h speed limit (or get rear ended, whichever comes first)

    As regards the speedcams, they must be the single most annoying invention ever conceived by man (he was a dutch, by the way). And the infuriating thing is that those Pide Integrity GutS people never get ticketed. Fortunately, there are lot’s off old tires out there and bottles of petrol.

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