RF Op-Ed on Government Motors in Wall Street Journal

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

I’m honored that the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has decided to publish my Op-Ed on GM’s political entanglement in tomorrow’s paper and online. [ link here] I trust the piece will bring TTAC some fresh eyeballs. But it’s not the most important aspect of the deal. This website didn’t get to 1 million visits per month through powerful links (thanks, Instapundit), media showboating (shukran, Al-Jazeera) or celebrity journalism (oy, Yates). We did it by providing you, our Best and Brightest, with a steady diet of no-holds-barred automotive news, rants and reviews. The most thrilling bit of the WSJ publication: it will confer legitimacy on our collective mission. Meanwhile and in any case, thanks for your patience with our recent technical troubles. TTAC’s new owner, a Canadian outfit called VerticalScope, is gradually cleaning up some of the, uh, challenged back end software. Our new tech guy, Jonathon Marshall, is a creative, methodical and tenacious bastard. Kinda like us. And you. Cue the “Barney” song. Or better yet, not.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Rspaight Rspaight on Jun 12, 2009

    Well, according to the comment thread, Robert, you're just a mouthpiece for the UAW. So, there's that sorted.

  • Moedaman Moedaman on Jun 12, 2009
    Pch101 : June 12th, 2009 at 10:25 am let GM fix themselves. We’ve already seen what it looks like when GM tries to fix itself. It isn’t pretty. I really don't think GM has ever tried to fix themselves. I don't think anyone in upper management thinks that there is anything wrong with the company. They feel that it's all due to things that are outside GM's control (like the economy). Nevermind the fact that GM has been bleeding marketshare and cash for years.
  • Samir Samir on Jun 12, 2009

    RF: Thanks for the clarification.

  • Anonymous Anonymous on Jun 12, 2009

    RF...I didn't know you were a "mouthpiece for the UAW"...as they said in the comments. :)