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TTAC frontrunner Michigan has won the Chevy Viva sweepstakes and will be hosting production of the Aveo replacement, reports the Freep. The new compact will be based on Chevrolet’s Spark world car, and produced at the Orion Township plant near Pontiac. Orion currently produces Malibu and G6 sedans. The plan reportedly saves 1,200 jobs at the Orion plant which had been marked for death. Sorry, Wisconsin and Tennessee!

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19 Comments on “Michigan Wins Chevy Viva Production...”

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    It looks just like a tiny little squished Vibe. Weird.

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    Ken Elias

    Looks like an angry Korean woman…oh wait, it is!

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    Too bad for WI (my state). Spring Hills seemed like the logical choice.

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    montgomery burns


    Of course what do I know, only been in the business 30 years.

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    Good luck Michigan, good luck Viva. Hope it loses less money/ makes money as compared to the Aveo.

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    I thought TN had it locked down with all the SH upgrades. I wonder what Granholm did behind the scenes if anything.

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    Wouldn’t it have been a better strategic move in 2007 to idle or do something else that didn’t involve a year of retooling for the Traverse with the Spring Hill plant? It was already set up for smaller/four cylinder cars, did they really think that the Aveo was a good long term solution? My real question is though, would it have been easier to convert from the Ion line to the Viva instead of the G6/Malibu?

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    Hmmmmmmm, a Senator from TN working hard to destroy the UAW? And now GM decides to not build vehicles there? Let’s connect the dots…

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    That looks a lot like the Suzuki Splash/Opel(Vauxhall) Agila. Quite a nice car but I can’t really see it setting the US car market alight.

    Only time will tell, I suppose.

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    Pleb: Here in a very typical section of flyover country, the car might do quite well if it’s seen as a replacement for the Vibe. The Vibe’s sold very very very well here. At least until this year when it got larger and bulkier, don’t see nearly as many rolling around.

    Of course that could also be cuz everybody’s unemployed.

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    This remains an embarrassment. Why they could not simply clone the Fit is beyond me. There is absolutely no room in the market for this turkey.

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    Jeeee-zus! Just what MI needs. A butt-ugly tin can. Orion will be shuttered in two years. At taxpayer expense.

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    chitbox dodge

    how could no one look at this thing and automatically think its a tarted up aveo? let me guess too… 29 mpg tops, price starts at $19,000, but when you go to the dealer all you can find in stock are ones decked out with onstar and gps. does no one know, gm especially, what entry-level means anymore?

    it always makes me think that somewhere in the back of some douchebag vp or director’s
    hi-ball-adled mind thathe’s telling himself, “we really should’ve worked harder on saturn.”

    a 2250 pound car that you could get for $10,000 and drive around for peanuts would sell like crazy now.

    can i get an amen?

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    a 2250 pound car that you could get for $10,000 and drive around for peanuts would sell like crazy now.

    What, you mean like the Yaris hatchback? It’s fifty pounds and few dollars more than that and it’s not setting the world on fire.

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    I keep forgetting how butt fugly that damn thing is. I’m pretty sure I could sculpt something out of dog turds that looks better than that. Also, being built in Michigan pretty much assures that they’ll make absolutely no money on them, so WTF? Why not build it south of the border, where manufacturing costs might actually make it reasonably profitable?

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    So GM has no clue how to design smaller headlights for a smaller car? Why not just make the entire hood and both A-pillars into headlights?

    Sorry GM. Fail.

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    Wow! It seems it get uglier every time i see it…Do they really believe this turd is going to be a hit? Wake up GM!!!! They need to better the fit and Yaris in order for people to take a look, just under ain’t gonna work…

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    UIts amazing how much people dont know about cars on this site. If many of ou recall GM had a poll to build this car between 2 other models and this one won out so you can expect this car to do well becuse it was picked by America.

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