By on June 2, 2009

Automotive News [sub] cites two reports that Hummer will be puchased by Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. Sichuan Tengzhong does not currently build cars or trucks, focusing on road and maintenance equipment. No word yet on the agreed-upon price. Meanwhile, GM tells the AP that it is currently entertaining offers from no fewer than 16 interested parties for its Saturn brand. Hey, I want Saturn too . . . better make that 17.

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15 Comments on “Hummer To China...”

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    Very stupid move. Americans won’t want to buy it because it’s a Chinese brand from now on. Chinese won’t buy it also because it’s a Chinese brand.

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    Stein X Leikanger

    And I won’t buy it because it’s a really, really ridiculous vehicle.

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    Makes sense. America went on a 20 year binge buying boat loads of plastic craptastic stuff from the Chinese in exchange for IOU’s. Well, the Chinese aren’t extending any more credit, and America can’t pay what it owes. The Chinese are now forced to take on American “assets” like these in exchange for the butt-wipes….er, IOU’s they hold.

    Things are really gonna be interesting around here — for years to come.

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    Ok let me get this straight, they couldn’t find any Chinese auto makers to buy Hummer because they aren’t that stupid. So they find some Chinese sucker company that doesn’t know sh*t about making cars/trucks to buy the thing.

    None of this means it’s a done deal either, it could be months before it’s really sold. Look how many Chinese “buyers” have pulled out and gotten smart before the deals were done.

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    Seth L

    So, bets on Hummer dissapearing from the US market? Or did Sichuan also get the plants?

    Man, H2/H3 depreciation just got more brutal.

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    I wonder if GM lost money on Hummer. Remember, GM’s acquisition was essentially buying the brand. They contracted with AM General to make the H1 and built the H2 and H3 in GM plants, developed off of GM platforms, so I don’t think they invested that much in Hummer product. Setting up the Hummer dealer network might have been the most expensive part of the Hummer operation.

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    I guess that’s the answer to the question, “How do you make a Hummer vehicle even less desirable in today’s market?”.

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    Sixteen offers for Saturn. Those GM PR types sure can spin. I doubt if there are sixteen separate car companies in Europe and Asia. I can see some foreign company maybe purchasing the plant in Tennesee to augment there production but why would they want to buy the line up?

    I am sure anyone of the the B&B could work for GM and come up with better decisions and tell some credible stories rather than the pure BS that comes out of their press releases.

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    Maybe the chinese are going to end up with GM piecemeal?

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    Since the current Hummer lineup is really nothing more than Chevy pickup trucks with Hummer-esque bodies, I’m not sure exactly what the Chinese are buying. I suppose it’s a good thing they discontinued the H1s a while back. At least now the Chinese won’t be getting all those top secret HUMVEE plans from GM. Feh.

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    Back when Renault bought AMC, the military stopped buying Jeeps due to some restriction on the purchase of materiel from foreign (or foreign-owned) companies. Which – ironically – is part of the reason why the Hummer was created by AMGeneral.

    I’m assuming that AMGeneral will retain the design, intellectual property and production of the H1, as it’s now a military-only vehicle. Otherwise, the military will be up a proverbial creek when it comes time to purchase new combat vehicles.

    That being said, I’d still like to see Ford build something in the spirit of the original Bronco, to compete with the Jeep Wrangler.

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    At least now the Chinese won’t be getting all those top secret HUMVEE plans from GM. Feh.

    There are already a couple of chinese companies making HMMWV copies.

    I searched for it on google, and look what I found:

    They seem to be pretty verbatim copies unlike GM’s. LOL.

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    apparently the japanese in on the game too

    The chinese also have this thing which looks pretty awesome for off-road:

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    Sorry to spam the thread, but this bit from the NYT article is especially hilarious given my posts above:

    Derek Scissors, a research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington, said that the Obama administration should review the Hummer sale on national security grounds to make sure that no sensitive technology from the Humvee is transferred to China.

    Hard to say who is more idiotic. Mr. Scissors, the Heritage Foundation for employing him, or the NYT idiot-check department.

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    As per MG-Rover who made cars in UK for years, the Chinese Hummer (Chummer?!) debacle will probably go something like this….

    1. have a media and “economic-crisis” induced share price wobble
    2. have a Chinese co. shown an interest
    3. media go crazy
    4. chinese pull out and let it go bankrupt (or a lot lot cheaper)
    5. come back in and “rescue” the brand
    6. say not many jobs will be lost
    7. pack up the tools and ship ’em to China
    8. sell Chinese made Chummers to the Chinese
    9. sell Chinese made military Chummers to the PLA….
    10. sell Chummers to the Russians
    11. sell Chummers to the Indians
    12. sell Chummers to the Gulf States

    13. watch the US bellow with indignation as crappy new 2010 Chummers re-appear in the US for sale at the same price as 2009 (but with half the production costs) and the sales $$$$ going back to China…

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