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This interview raises some important questions. Is it me or does Alex Taylor sound like Sgt. Friday? What editor thought he could get away with using B-roll of a union worker with a sign referring to a “Golden Shower?” What kind of company has a CEO who can go his entire life without anyone daring to correct his pronunciation of “hubris?” Why would the CEO of GM point out out that “every one” of the company’s surviving 34 nameplates has to be a winner? I mean, what are the odds? And what’s with this: “We’ve lost a part of the population but [sotto voce] it’s not that large.” No complacency here. No, sir.

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8 Comments on “GM CEO Fritz Henderson Wary of Hubris...”

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    Give us another chance? I’m gonna give someone a first, second or third chance if its in my best interests. Atleast thats my plan.

    He says he’ll show people that going with GM was worthwhile and people will give them a second chance. I don’t think taking my money against my will, even if invested in a worthwhile cause, is trustworthy. This person seems to have trust issues.

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    I think having Alex Taylor interview Henderson was a mistake. I’d like to see the questions Equinox Owner from two posts ago would have. Especiall on “reputation.”

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    John Horner

    Fritz convinced me that he is the wrong man for the job. He is so excited to be “challenging the product team” with “only” 34 nameplates. He has been speaking GM corporate gibberish for so long and has been so well paid to do so that he doesn’t realize just how not up to the task at hand he really is.

    Most of the GM executives need to be replaced. They have been ruined by the GM system.

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    Your “old GM” ignored my repeated pleas to please fix the numerous defects that should be repaired as per the warranty you offered.

    Do you really think I will make the same mistake and buy another GM product?

    I will not even buy a used GM vehicle, even if it is out of warranty since it may need a part that has to be bought at a GM dealer.

    I do not want ANY of my money to ever go to any aspect of GM.

    I can not be the only consumer feeling this way about you corporate welfare cases.

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    So Fritz says essentially that:

    GM has a broken culture and is too risk averse

    His job is on the line and he knows it

    That all products must be winners, not just some (something that Rick actually used to say)

    That he understands that a part of the population
    is gone, never to return.(evidently, most of them hanging out here)

    What part of this message is offensive? Fritz has had proven success in Brazil and Asia…he’s talking straight. What’s the problem…sounds like Jack Welch or Mullaly.

    Second, on the nameplates, how many of you have been to Tokyo and walked a Toyota showroom there. They have 34 nameplates for mid-sized cars alone! They even were selling the Pontiac version of the Matrix in the same showroom when I was there three years ago. Lexus and Toyota have 28 models between two brands. The number of nameplates has gone from over 80 to 34…it’s not a big number for four brands.

    Fritz is talking with more clarity, more often and with more credibility than any CEO in the industry. And while there is no minimizing the magnitude and severity of where GM finds itself…the fact is we’re all here. Why not see if it can work?

    BTW, bluecon, the Atlas Shrugged guy is Jim Taggert. I don’t think I hear any similarities in tone or rehtoric from Fritz that would make your charge stick.

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    That he understands that a part of the population is gone, never to return…..Fritz is talking with more clarity, more often and with more credibility than any CEO in the industry.

    Really? Check mate then?

    Shouldn’t he be aspiring to WIN those people back? Otherwise, GM has to execute perfectly just to retain the market share they have now (sliding).

    How likely is that with the same buffoons running amok?

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    John R


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    John R

    Yes. That’s the circumcision ritual in that famous Dr. Seuss book “Horton Hears a Who (Scream).”

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