By on June 25, 2009

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32 Comments on “Celebrity Death Watch (Car Related): World’s Greatest Pop Star Edition...”

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    RIP Michael.

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    Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and now Michael Jackson all in one week. The world lost two good people.

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    I’m guessing embalming won’t be necessary.

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    Ha, hilarious….guess he was loving him some R. Kelly. Imagine Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson stuck in in elevator for a few hours. Wonder if he had a car collection?

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    at the last MJ auction of neverland goodies there was a modest collection of cars… the usual stretch limos, a Rolls Royce, Merc convertible, nothing exciting

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    Jeff Puthuff

    I don’t recall ever seeing a photo of MJ behind the wheel of a car. Did he even know how to drive?

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    I’m devastated. (sob)

    Of course, that “embalming” bit had me howling!

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    I heard Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett eloped today.


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    Who drove the children to his pajama parties?

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    I find this post in poor taste and some of the responses here also in poor taste.

    He was truly an original, in spite of his shortcomings. He will be missed.

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    “I find this post in poor taste and some of the responses here also in poor taste.”

    I think you’re right. Of course, we disagree about how funny they are. Okay, it’s a shame to see a talent become so twisted, but he spent his life either courting publicity or pretending not to. Concepts of “poor taste” simply don’t apply.

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    Bittersweet life I suppose. Huge legitimate talent ultimately rendered mediocre by who knows…ego, vanity, insecurity or lack of caring advisors? But he did scale the heights as an entertainer if only for a brief couple of years.
    Ultimately I think his life diminished in to a world of gold plated knick-knacks.
    “I’m ready for my close-up Mr. Demille” RIP

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    I could feel my entire body slowly being enveloped in gayness as that video played.

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    He was extremely talented, but extremely disturbed. His family life was [email protected]#$ed up, and that combined with growing on television made him lose a screw somewhere along the way. Bittersweet is right.

    (Seriously, name ONE childhood star that grew up to be normal. I can’t think of any!)

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    “(Seriously, name ONE childhood star that grew up to be normal. I can’t think of any!)”

    Justin Timberlake?
    Dakota Fanning? (Well, she appears to be growing up normal)

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    Re: BDB:


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    Michael was an incredible person and personality and spirit. I think his openness to children will be interpreted much more compassionately and perhaps pioneering in the future, yet realistically. I believe his openness to children based to a big degree on caring, lightheartedness, love and friendship, an example for all of us. Although also a bit unhealthy in some ways. Its a big shock to me and a wake up call to know he has passed away. I’m sad. He really did have a lot of issues, but that was not his or anyone’s fault or something to feel ashamed of. I’m grateful to have been touched by him and his love.

    As far as normal child celebrities go, I don’t even think any kid is normal ie. healthy emotional all around. Emotional boundaries, self esteem, unconditionally love, spirituality, interdependence, and caring for oneself and others are something every kids has been misguided about. I love cars, but If I hear another pimp my ride like, “Now I can respected cause I got this ride” comment, I’m going to scream.

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    “Justin Timberlake?”

    Not really. He’s still Hollywood Weird (as opposed to borderline psychotic weird like late Michael Jackson). Plus there’s still time for him to fall off the rails.


    +1 on Ron Howard! He’s well adjusted.

    EDIT: On a car-related note, does anyone know what was in Michael Jackson’s fleet? I mean besides that GMC Firetruck Jalopnik is showcasing.

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    Re: BDB

    Sadly I think Ron Howard is the only one. Regarding MJ’s fleet, hopefully this wasn’t in it:–or-maybe-the-best–custom-van-theme-ever-kidnapper-van

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    When did they allow him back into the US? I thought he fled to Dubai to avoid prosecution and assorted suits–civil– not the nubile birthday kind.

    Whaddya wanna bet in a year or so it’ll be not a typical heart attack, rather it’ll be either drug related or a thrombosis as a result of botched plastic surgery in the Land-O-Sand?

    It’s time we stop excusing perversions and criminal behavior by “stars” because they have “talent”. Ever watch “Lockup” on NatGeo. Some of those rotten gang thugs have some real talent for art. So we should ignore the fact they’re POS thug killers? Oh… right… diversity and alternative life styles… excuse me!

    UPDATE: From “MailOnline” (UK)– Ol’ jacko was a semi-ambulatory pharmacy…

    Took less than a day for that to leak out. But then again it was published in the Kingdoms United.

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    With regards to his alleged child molestation, what kind of parent lets their child spend the night with Michael Jackson to begin with after 1993!?

    RE: The kidnapper van. I think every small town in America has at least one old van with some creepy mural on the sign that some weird on old man drives.

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    Penny from Lost In Space. She took the pile she made from that and bought a shoe factory in California and turns up every few years in something on screen. And she’s still awful purdy in her original colour.

    @everyone else

    Jack was crazy [Look! No seatbelt!], but what a freakishly talented individual. As my Salsa instructress says “You don’t wanna dance next to him”

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    Good point, BDB. Also, in addition to Ron Howard, one could add Shirley Temple and Jackie Cooper as star child actors who managed to live productive and responsible lives as adults. No question about it, though, Hollyweird is a bad place to grow up.

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    Drew Barrymore. More or less.

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    Drew Barrymore. More or less.

    After a shitload of therapy, and as an adult.

    When she was a child, she was in rehab. At AGE TEWELVE!

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    drew barrymore is the quintessential child star gone wrong

    she did the whole gammut of alcohol, drugs and teen sex

    she also married tom green (!!!)

    she’s ok now though

    my opinion of michael jackson is the same as to mike tyson

    for a short time he was the absolute best… sure there were things that detracted from their ‘reign’ but if you lived thru their time at the top you know there won’t be another like it

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    Kinda’ tough to hold a grudge against a chap who sang a love song to a rat.

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    The Drew Barrymore Story — ET to the DTs.

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    Elvis, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan will influence musicians long after Michael Jackson’s catalog is relegated to oldies stations. Sure, he sold a lot of records and was a good entertainer before he got too weird. The Motown 25th performance was electric. However, I just don’t see him as being an influential musician.

    Like Elvis, though, he was a wasted talent.

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    Ronnie Schreiber : However, I just don’t see him as being an influential musician.

    His voice made him a great musician.

    But I kinda agree: he had the chops, but MJ’s music owes much gratitude to his connection with Quincy Jones. I didn’t care for MJ’s stuff after “Bad”, which was when QJ made his exit.

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    Seriously, name ONE childhood star that grew up to be normal. I can’t think of any!

    Dana Plato? Sorry.

    Michael was a freak no doubt, but he was a cultural icon, had talent matched by noone, and was loved the world over. He will be missed, even if only for what he once was, and not what he had become.

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    the theme songs of my youth are departing.


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