Car and Driver Road Test Flow Chart

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  • 200k-min 200k-min on Jul 01, 2009

    If I recall correctly, C&D has always had a pretty big hard on for the Chrysler minivans. Granted, they do probably fawn over the Toyota and Honda ones these days, but back when I was a subscriber I do remember them being quite forgiving of Chrysler. Let's be honest here, Chrysler was the market leader in sales for years but from my experience they have always had the most flimsy product quality wise. Also recall how they gushed over the new 1997 Camry saying how great it was and felt like it was carved from a single block of steel. WTF? The 1997 remake of the Camry was a step backwards, something EVERY loyal Camry driver I know has said from experience.

  • Ohsnapback Ohsnapback on Jul 01, 2009

    Why I love TTAC? Look at this chart. It's freakin' hilarious, because it's so close to the truth. Who else but TTAC would have spent the time delving into this issue and the nuisances pertaining thereto, going so far as to include this absolutely hysterical chart! Kudos, gentleman.

  • Redwood Redwood on Jul 01, 2009

    Here's a clue for folks that always hate on the BMW praise. Often times it's because they deserve it. Their cars aren't perfect (I could find flaws in any car), but they're often better than the competition. For instance, G37 sport sedan with manual compared to a 335i sedan. More cramped, much less refined manual (I would go so far to say it sucks), rougher ride, less tossable. Gadget-wise the G is better, but that's lower on the priority scale for these magazines. Disclaimer, I don't own a BMW right now, but I have before and there's a reason I bought them before. They're just all around great cars.

  • Andrew van der Stock Andrew van der Stock on Jul 06, 2009

    I would own a Beemer for the looks, particularly the beautiful 1 series hatchbacks (hopefully, BMW will not de-Bangle it). But when I test drove a 118i back when they were first released in Australia, the ride was punishingly poor except over the smoothest tarmac, the interior was mid-80's Hyundai bad, and the black on black interior was oppressive in terms of heat load. I think reviewers mistake "go kart" handling (I HATE that phrase) for being "good". It's not. It's at the extreme compromise point that makes track fans happy, and everyone else's physiotherapists rub their wallets together in glee. I automatically skip reviews which include Beemers as invariably they win unless the ringer is particularly badly prepared, the launch junket location not opulent enough, or the bribe in the glovebox is too small. Buff mags forgot the buying public. They often give their "average" lifers to the poor powerless saps who may get 300 words every six to nine months. Even though the Aston Martin, Zonda, Porsche, and M3 will get a liberal coating of buff juice every month. Good riddance Csaba Cheese. Good riddance Bedard. They weren't interesting to read, their opinions are worthless to me, and their preferences were tattooed on their arms. They had sold out the general public. Time to go do something else.