AZ Police Launch Operation "Would U Like Fries?"

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

OK, so it’s going to be one of those days is it? No problem, we’ve got a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot category and we’re not afraid to use it. And here we go (again) . . . Fox News reports that “The Pima County Sheriff’s Department has a new campaign targeting drunken driving. Operation Would U Like Fries, or Operation WULF, will put undercover deputies inside 24-hour fast-food restaurants to spot impaired drivers placing their orders.” No, really. “Sgt. Doug Hanna, a DUI unit supervisor, says if deputies notice someone with classic symptoms of impairment — slurred speech, red or watery eyes or beer breath — they will have a uniformed deputy stationed outside pull the driver over.” A $128,000 grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety will pay for the munchie patrol. Expect AZ drive-thru traffic to quadruple. At least. Dude. [thanks to Dave for the link]

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Jerome10 Jerome10 on Jun 15, 2009

    I had to wait until the end of the comments to get what I was going to post.... It is private property. If the businesses don't want cops there (either in the parking lot or inside the restaurant), they can tell them to get the hell out. I can understand why. 1) KILLER to big business, and you know places like White Castle or National Coney Island make a huge amount of their money on these late night eaters. 2) The cops can spend their own time, on public property catching drunks. I'd have them leave just on the principle of it.

  • "scarey" "scarey" on Jun 15, 2009

    Thirty years ago the cops in Lincoln nebraska sprayed ultra-violet paint on the bumpers of cars parked at the local bars, then just pulled over any of them they saw on their way home. I don't know if they still do, though.

  • Anonymous Anonymous on Jun 15, 2009

    Once again, as somebody who worked his way through college at fast food joints, I'm certain the business owners don't want the cops scaring off the drunk clientelle, but most of the employees wouldn't mind a severe downturn in drunks coming through. They're almost always obnoxiuos and sometimes can be down right violent. In terms of public safety, I would hope that cops could wait near the resaurants, but I believe there was a case several years ago that prevented cops from targeting bars at closing, and the same principle would apply here I'm sure.

  • VerbalKint VerbalKint on Jun 15, 2009

    All this is gonna due is kill business for these beaneries and put more people out of work. But at least it'll keep the cops outta random check lanes during rainy weather and generate yet more "tax" revenue from the working stiffs who own cars. For 128Large they oughtta be delivering pizzas to my GD house! At least then the cops would be on the street, maybe even preventing a crime or two.