By on May 28, 2009

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13 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Mission Ridiculous Edition...”

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    John R

    What’s wrong? It so edgy that is smacks of effort. I swear if I saw this dude on the street I’d scream NARC! at the top of my lungs.

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    I watched the first 1:25. My brain nearly melted and dribbled out my ears. From boredom. I’ll never get that minute and a half back, but at least I avoided brain damage. I think. *twitch*

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    Martin Schwoerer

    Seems to me, they’re trying to humanize the Fiesta. Make a connection in the brain between the car and human experiences, and then people will think it’s natural to drive such a small car.

    But why, for that, use a sterile experience (driving in Nowheresland, USA) and a boring guy?

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    1. It’s “Copyrighted” not “Copywritten” you fool.

    2. They’re taking a car I want and making me feel like a douche for wanting it. Good idea, Ford.

    3. We don’t know where he is or where he’s going, but we did learn to avoid whatever town it was he asked about.

    4. They should have picked me for one of those cars…I would have made far more entertaining videos by demonstrating Baruth’s speeding techniques.

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    Funny video. 432 miles to the gas tank…how big is the gas tank? I like the looks of the car, though the green colour might not be the best. The handling could be really good.

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    He failed the challenge. It didn’t say “drive around and do stupid stuff like try to get an Altoid Hummer from the girl at the McDonald’s drive-thru,” it said “Drive until you run out of gas.” Drive, not park, not try to sell the car to a Ford dealer, d-r-i-v-e.

    I wonder how many of these Fiestas will have grenaded fuel pumps due to running the tank dry, as most fuel pumps are in tank and use fuel for cooling of the tank…

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    You know, if it was a Diesel he’d have gone about 550-600 miles on the same tank.

    SexCpotatoes: I suspect there’s a sensor that shuts down the engine before the tank goes completely “dry” otherwise all sorts of bad things can happen.


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    Where’s Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake? Obviously it’s a spoof of a non-existent product.

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    Rod Panhard

    It’s boring. That’s what’s wrong.

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    “Altoid Hummer”? What is that? The mind boggles.

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    I just don’t like the guy but it seems there would be more of a connection between viewer and actor if he took the freaking sunglasses off once in a while, like when it’s DARK OUT! Of course, it would be a lot more memorable if he he took the glasses off at the end and showed everyone that he is blind.

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    @yankinwaoz : “Altoid Hummer”? What is that? The mind boggles.

    That’s reeeeally funny. But not age approriate for some of my family members.

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    Yeah, I know… I wasn’t a fan of the video either.

    SexCpotatoes, it was enough of a challenge to be somewhat interesting with a mission like, “drive until you run out of gas.”

    Imagine how boring it would have been if I just drove for 9 hours!

    Seriously, people. Go look at my other videos. They don’t suck as bad.

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