By on May 26, 2009

Because people with pom-poms always have great insights. Scott Burgess of the Detroit News and Mark Phelan of the Detroit Free Press have driven the Cruze-based Volt mule, written nearly identical rah-rah routines, and will be taking questions on the vehicle at 2 p.m. Eastern over at GM’s Fastlane Blog. Ironically (or not . . . who can tell anymore?) titled “Journalists To Discuss Chevy Volt,” the discussion is more likely to be indicative of the state of automotive “journalism” (shilling at the OEM’s blog? Really?) than revealing of anything of actual interest about the Volt. But by all means, surf over and ask a few awkward questions for us. For question ideas, start here.

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5 Comments on “Volt Birth Watch 142: Ask A Cheerleader...”

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    I asked them whether the vehicle was able to finish all 18 holes without switching to gasoline, unfortunately all they did was send someone over to cut my DSL line.

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    More lame boosterism for the Volt. Who cares how it drives? Any former EV-1 lessor or current Rav4-EV owner could tell you how an electric car drives.

    Still, Burgess and Phelan are constrained to write stories based on what they can learn, not on what they can’t. If they get a test-drive, they might as well report on that.

    And, at a planned 10K units in 2011, who cares, anyway? Until GM can start selling these against the Prius in volume with a decent profit margin, it’s just a cash sink.


    I’m nominating you for Comment-of-the-Day.

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    I’ll add this… At this point, Burgess and Phelan are driving some sort of testbed vehicle. If a question reveals some aspect is wonderful, all well and good. If a question elicits a “not so hot” response from Burgess and Phelan, GM just points out that this is a testbed vehicle and doesn’t compare to the real deal.. Whatever it may ultimately be like.

    There are no wrong questions in Volt Cheerleading Jeopardy.

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    That put the “sick” in sycophant.

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    ‘Cheerleader’ in the title and nary a cheerleader to be seen? *air of resignation*

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