Vath V63RS Mercedes C63 AMG Estate. Dope or Nope?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
vath v63rs mercedes c63 amg estate dope or nope

Don’t worry: despite the catchy headline, this isn’t going to become a regular TTAC feature. I think. Anyway, pistonheads reports that this tuned estate’s mill generates 585bhp and 509 lb·ft of torque. But wait! There’s more! “The brakes have been upgraded with six-piston callipers and 390mm drilled discs, and a new differential has been added. But the most obvious changes are to the body, on which Vath has spent considerable time and energy creating a new carbon fibre front lip returning 12kg of downforce, large carbon diffuser and carbon side vents. The whole Vath package is rounded off with 20-inch split rims and new Michelin tyres.” No word on price. But if even if you could afford it, would you?

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  • RedStapler RedStapler on May 29, 2009

    It only took us six posts for the inevitable TTAC "I want a diesel wagon with a stick" post. I still have faint hope that Subaru will lead us to the promised land of cog swapped compression ignition wagons. To flagellate Mr. Ed into a bloody pulp: It needs a matching carbon-fiber Yakima Roof rack to hold the matching set of red light sabers.

  • Theodore Theodore on May 29, 2009

    Wow, only seven comments before the diesel manual wagon reared its ugly head! As for this thing: uh, no. Yeah, it looks Darth Vader's commuter, and yeah, it goes like stink. There's just one problem - it's a wagon. Shouldn't it have some fake wood grain or something? [edit: ok, this channeling of the other poster is just creepy...]

  • Random1 Pretty excited about this update, I didn't see it available in mine this morning, but any day now... I think only Apple maps will be on the center display, and not Waze yet, but I assume that'll come soon enough. As to the unnecessary Tesla comment above : I'll take the build quality, the looks, and generally normal items that all cars should have over the M3 any day of the week.
  • Jonathan H. The ES production is going back to Japan so it's safe to assume its assembly building will be utilized for the new EV. Seems like a good fit for what will probably be fairly low volume compared to the Camry/Rav4 assembly lines.
  • NotMyCircusNotMyMonkeys how many are shorting this 23 cent (really!) stock?
  • Bobbysirhan These prices will make more sense by the end of July.
  • Kcflyer It fits perfectly in the you will have nothing and be happy agenda. Eliminate affordable transportation for the middle class. The ultra rich will have stuff like this.