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“Off-roaders are only suitable for terrain; compact means sacrifice and sports cars only appeal to contortionists who have no spine: once prejudices were easier and the choice of the right car was therefore complicated. Who would have thought that the Mercedes GLK would one day turn all these clichés on their head and flirt with an attractive optical package from Sportservice Lorinser?”

Not me.

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17 Comments on “Lorinser GLK: “No more either/or – it’s either this or nothing!”...”

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    From the lack of comments I must not be the only one that has no idea what meant with this blog.

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    Was that translated from German by one of those crappy online translators?

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    For some reason I don’t find this bad looking and I can’t explain why, maybe I’m high and I don’t even know it. The funny thing is it reminds me of a Forester and I hate the way that thing looks.

    Oh yeah I didn’t understand any of that stuff in quotes.

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    No, that’s a cut and paste from the press release.

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    I thought a spine was a prerequisite to being a contortionist. A large jar would probably be a better vessel for someone with no backbone.

    Oh yeah, and Germans lamenting that prejudices were easier once, that’s interesting.

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    I don’t know, I could see myself with one someday…provided that someday occured after someone destroyed every station wagon on the planet.

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    I don’t know, I’m kind of a fan of the X3s and the new GLK. I’ve long been against compact SUVs (useless off-road, cannibalizing compact car sales from teenagers’ parents, paying a premium of $3000-$5000 plus lower MPGs for not much more car other than ride height, etc.) but at least these three make it look somewhat attractive. In my mind, the only thing a mini-SUV has over an equivalent car is “SUV Status,” and I’ll only accept status as a reasonable choice in the case of luxury brands. In other words, if I want a fake SUV for the sake of having one, it better be a BMW, Benz, or Audi, not some Rav4 or Enclave.

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    Rev Junkie

    Who would buy it? The GLK is a girls car, so girly, that I’m told it was in the Sex and the City movie, which makes a tad gay as well, I suppose.

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    Robert Schwartz

    It’s a station wagon. Just deal with it.

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    “It’s a station wagon. Just deal with it.”

    yeah, you’re probably right. I’d still never choose one over a (hypothetical) C wagon or the available 3 series wagon.

    Higher seating position, increased ride height and oversized rims are all strong negatives in my book.

    I should probably be more charitable to cars like this and the Venza, as they more than likely represent a shift towards wagons and away from SUV’s.

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    I agree on the Subaru Forester. Mercedes is dumb if they think they need a vehicle in every tiny niche.

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    Ah! What the turbo Forester XT could be!

    (Except the Subaru would be more dependable and less costly to operate)

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    At least the old Forester was a real station wagon… the new one is just another compact crossover…

    Whatever owners may say, I’ve tried the X3, I’ve tried the 3-series and I’ve tried the X5… and I find the X3 falls nicely into that spot where I’d say: I’d rather have the others.

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    The least desirable Benz ever made? Maybe not, but it’s up there.

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    The wife and I went shopping for a small SUV – for her. She wants the upright seating and more ground clearance, plus a backseat AND space for the Newfoundland in the back. She also wanted 4 wheel drive, preferably with “lockers” (like she actually knows what they do!).

    None of the small SUV’s today fill the bill. Almost all of them have the same ground clearance as her Peugeot 206, the newf can’t fit in the back, and the dealers don’t even know what lockers are! A quick look at the aftermaket industry and you’ll find no one makes off-road products for them.

    The acronym is dislexic. They are nothing more than Ugly Stationwagon Vehicles (USV’s)

    To get anywhere near what she WANTS, we’d need the Toureg/Cayanne, Land Rover Defender size and that is too big for her to park (she has a inner-city job)

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    I don’t find it difficult to be prejudiced against that car.

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