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Such as they are. Japanese sales are set to fall below 5 million in 2009 for the first time in nearly thirty years. But even with Japan’s sales slump particularly affecting standard-sized cars, Honda moved 10,481 units of its new hybrid on the Japanese market last month. That makes it the best selling car in Japan just as Toyota brings its third-generation Prius to market. A hybrid as the best selling car? Government subsidies sure help! And with consumers in Japan clearly value-shopping their hybrids (Honda’s Insight is several thousand dollars cheaper than Prius), is it any suprise that we’ve heard rumblings of a Yaris-based hybrid? Meanwhile, German cars top Japan’s import brand sales. VW, BMW and Mercedes took the top three spots but sold fewer cars combined than the Insight.

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11 Comments on “Honda Insight Tops Japanese Sales Figures...”

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    We’ll see what the increase in fuel prices does for sales here (again…such as they are). I’ve seen a 20 cent/gallon increase around here over the last few weeks.

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    Wonder if the Yaris Hybrid will make it over here, and if Honda has plans for a Fit Hybrid?

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    Way to go Honda. BTW, Accord is the top selling car in the US in April.

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    This vehicle is not worth 22K. I vote no purchase.

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    I’ve heard this vehicle is noisy, cramped, and slow, but I’ll reserve full judgement until test drive one.

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    Seems I heard that the Insight is the Fit hybrid, that they are platform mates. Honda wanted to give it a distinct autonomy because the hybrids as a drivetrain option on a standared vehicle does not sell as well.

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    I don’t get it. I test drove one of these last week. Its rather small and cheaply finished inside and its missing the whiz-bang techno gadgetry of even the outgoing Prius (which means its really, really boring).

    My impression was that these are not big sellers and dealers are using the Insight to get people into the roomier and far more exciting to drive Fit as well as their large inventories of Civics (hybrids or otherwise). One can really make a great deal on a Civic right now, I believe.

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    Noisy, cramped, and slow about sums it up. My Take Two is in the bin here somewhere…

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    I’ve whined about this before:
    If Honda wants to hump the Fit platform then please, for piss sake…
    lose 2 doors, shorten the length, lower the roofline, add 30 or 40 horses and bring back the cheap fun. Remember that, Honda? Fun & cheap?
    Some of us don’t give a shit about your hybrid system and are scared to death with what to expect out of the ass-ugly CR-Z.

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    it’s just such a unattractive car, bordering on Echo & Tiida/Versa sedan levels of beastliness

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    I checked this out on Sunday at a local dealer, who had about a dozen on the lot.

    I was completely and utterly shocked at how cheap looking, feeling and dull this car is. The Prius seems like a Formula 1 car next to it.

    The door handles felt like 1983, the cloth fabric was abysmal, the plastics and dash materials were industrial grade, and it had an overall toy-ish quality I’ve not seen in any new vehicle in quite some time.

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