By on May 10, 2009

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5 Comments on “Hello Weirdness My Old Friend: More Automotive Art for Art’s Sake...”

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    Every single car in the video appears put to its highest and best use. In addition to the art value, there is one less of every one of the models on the road. This makes for a happier world.

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    Fun! For more art cars, including some examples from the Yugo Next exhibit, go to my website,, and click on art cars.

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    When my sister bought her first car (used of course, for about $500), she glued a purse to the roof.

    It was her idea of performance art.

    I told her to glue a baby seat with a doll in it. But we figured that might cause accidents and settled on the purse idea.

    She went a bit nuts with the interior. I wish I had taken photos of it back then. It was… strange.

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    Crazy Canuck

    And the answer is… people with too much free time on their hands! What’s the question? Oh yeah… who the hell creates these monstrosities?

    I wonder what the drag coefficient of those so-called “art cars” (eye of the beholder and all) is??

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    Drag coefficient…ain’t touchin’ that one.

    Anyone seen the old beetle in Cloverdale, OR, that has spoons on one fender, forks on another, and I can’t remember what all glued all over the rest of it? We photographed it in front of a church one Sunday morning but I don’t know where the photos are. **sigh of relief from B&B**

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