By on May 11, 2009

GM’s CEO took a half hour out of his panic-packed schedule to chat with the GM Fastlane-reading public. He discussed CAFE, the Corvette, salaried benefits and more, via CoverItLive. There’s not exactly a wealth of new information, but it’s an interesting insight into the mind and typing skills of GM’s top dog. It also shows the lengths to which GM is going to communicate this week, even if it has nothing specific to announce. Speaking of which, The Detroit News is announcing the kickoff of the “Keep It Made In America” tour, which began at American Axle’s Hamtramack plant today. The Rev. Jesse Jackson, MI Senator Debbie Stabenow, and others reportedly exhorted crowds of UAW workers with chants of “Reinvest in our land” and “Keep hope alive.” Local mayors and union officials provided the requisite pro-union, pro-Detroit quotes, but the effort at feel-good flag-waving rings somewhat hollow, considering the antagonistic relationship that is developing between GM and the UAW as The General unwinds towards bankruptcy.

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6 Comments on “30 Minutes With Fritz Henderson And Other Distractions...”

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    Now Jesse Jackson is telling you what to buy?

    Gotta love them Dems. Unlmited other peoples money for the Unions and the Banksters and they insist on you supporting it with the little money you have left. Pres BO already spent your auto money.

    The unintended consequences of cheating the bondholders.

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    So thats where David Frum ended up.Canadian boy,that used to write speeches for George Bush.Seemed Mr Frum got caught bragging to the wrong person.Him and Rick W share the dubious distinction,of being fired by the United States President.

    So now he writes for Canadas version of the Fox network.

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    I’d like to know what kind of car Jesse Jackson drives.

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    Seriously…Does this childish/mindless stupidity really still work today?

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    law stud

    I think its cool a CEO actually communicates with people over the interest to answer questions. I don’t need a press bag and to yell over a bunch of people or push my way just to be let down. Not exactly hard questions, but what does one expect.

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    Geo. Levecque

    In the article it mentions one city where the Mayor wants to make it the law for City employees to only buy American made Vehicles, he intends to put this in effect with the new Union contract that this City has with there employees, all 800 of them! Buy what we tell you to buy or your Sacked! Outstanding eh?

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