By on April 4, 2009

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20 Comments on “What’s Wrong With this Picture: Something Rotten in Broughton Edition...”

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    Stein X Leikanger

    Chase that effing car out of town!

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    How did they get a Saturn Astra to drive in Britain?

    The camera sort of resembles a speed camera…

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    Jeff Puthuff

    Looks like Google (or their contractor) has a deal with GM: Cobalts in the US, Astras in the UK.

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    Ron Paul’s car, maybe?

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    It’s not in the UK, steering wheel’s on the wrong side… Also, in the UK it wouldn’t be an Opel but a Vauxhall.

    Looks like (what I can see of the license plate) a Dutch-registered vehicle with a Google or a speed camera on top?

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    If you open the jpeg, the file is tagged as “0_61_googlestreetview.jpg”

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    Ole Stang

    Nice ‘Rack’

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    Is this the one that was run outa town?

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    Jeff Puthuff — The Google car around here was a Prius. I’ve also seen Corollas, so I don’t know if it’s exclusive to GM.

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    Fred or Alive

    It’s not in the UK, steering wheel’s on the wrong side… Also, in the UK it wouldn’t be an Opel but a Vauxhall.

    I don’t know where Fox News got their picture (some stock source I guess), but the cars used for Google Street View in the UK are Opel rather than Vauxhall Astras. See this article, with a a right hand drive (and UK number plated) Opel Astra camera car in London. I’d guess it’s some sought of fleet deal of something. Of course Vauxhall in the UK is a bit of an odd man out nowadays, other RHD parts of Europe have Opels rather than Vauxhalls.

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    Thanks for the picture, I never knew what the Google Cars looked like.

    Now I’ll know when to drop my pants when one of these goes rolling by.

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    Can you imagine being the driver of this car and forgetting about all the cameras on top? Then driving into a garage with a low roof. Ouch!

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    I’m pretty sure the tippy-top structure, the black horn-resembling thing, is the camera.

    It’s like that so that it can continuously shoot in all directions without physically having to pan.

    But that cream and dark grey colored box sure does appear to be a speed camera to me!

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    Remember: we’re parked under the camera!

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    Mirko Reinhardt

    @Fred or Alive :
    other RHD parts of Europe have Opels rather than Vauxhalls.

    What other parts of Europe are RHD?

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    Ireland and Malta

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    Robert Frankfurter

    Its a google street view car:,651415/News/Google_digitalisiert_deutsche_Metropolen/&menu=browser&image_id=854816&article_id=651415&page=1&show=original,651415/News/Google_digitalisiert_deutsche_Metropolen/&menu=browser&image_id=854817&article_id=651415&page=1&show=original

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    The license plate definitely looks Dutch, but since it’s green it has to be a dealer plate, which can only be used for dealer purposes which doesn’t include making Google earth pictures. Maybe it just came back from the conversion shop or something.

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    In Malta they drive in the shade – whatever side of the road that is …. I’ve been there, one place to grab a cab rather than a rental

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    John B

    Google StreetView alright. I saw 24 of them lined up in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn in Brampton (suburban Toronto) last Thursday. I managed to get some photos; when I tried to get a shot inside a car with an open door I was told “you can’t photograph the inside”. I don’t think the Googler got the irony.

    BTW – the 24 cars were about to fan across Canada.

    Robert – if by chance you would like the photos, I would be glad to e-mail them to you.

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