By on April 22, 2009

Now, is that a 30-mile range with the iPod plugged in?

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    Why are NEVs restricted on roads where the speed limit is greater than 35mph, but bicycles are not?

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    $12,500 for a glorified golf cart?

    No, really, why is this even on the news?

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    Edward Niedermeyer

    vandstra: because it’s green

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    Gosh that is goofy.

    It looks like the
    Stay Puft Marshmallo Man designed that car.

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    Really, I’m all for fuel-efficieny, but when they try and shovel this “stuff” as the solution to a problem, it makes me want to go and buy a Lincoln Navigator out of g.p.

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    # Dynamic88 :
    April 22nd, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    Why are NEVs restricted on roads where the speed limit is greater than 35mph, but bicycles are not?

    My guess would be that it’s a combination of at least these two reasons (along, no doubt, with some other reasons I haven’t considered):

    1. Single bicycles don’t normally take up so much of a lane that they restrict automobiles passing them.

    2. Bicycles don’t provide the rider with a false sense of security that NEV drivers may feel (due to the NEV’s structure resembling that of a conventional automobile).

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    Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll have my future automobiles non-neutered please.

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    25 miles per hour and has “pee” in its name. That’s a home run, folks.

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    I know! Chrysler should merge with Citroen, not FIAT… The are already doing retro-mobiles that look like past Citroens!

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    Way too wimpy for me – here’s one that’s a lot cooler, and can go 80mph:

    Still not what one could call ‘manly’, but at least it can hold it’s own on most roads.

    The Peapod looks like transportation for albino clowns…

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    Why are NEVs restricted on roads where the speed limit is greater than 35mph, but bicycles are not?

    Because a good rider (eg, not me) on a decent bike can crack 35mph?

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    {click, click}


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    There’s a need for this kind of vehicle, especially in urban and suburban areas where walking isn’t viable and public transit doesn’t exist.

    The problem is that there’s no market for this need. People are not going to pay for something like this when a normal car is more practical, and it would be a hard sell for livery/hire or transit fleets. It also doesn’t address the real problem: that we build communities that make things like this necessary.

    If most people cannot walk most of the places they need to go when the weather is decent, then your community is not sustainable and cars like this only prolong the problem.

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    Wow, 25mph this must be 1918! I mean maybe 50mph would be passable, but this speed is a joke. Just buy a bike it is cheaper. If you want to take the kids to the soccer field get them bikes to.


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