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9 Comments on “Blogcast: “What Will Happen to Saab?” w/Trollhättan Webslinger Steve Wade...”

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    If anyone hasn’t checked out Swade’s blog, it is among the best for a specific brand. Apparently even a great blog can’t keep a brand alive.

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    You’re very kind, Michael.

    Further to my comments on unique selling points…..I don’t think that well on the fly at 1am so I’ll add some things here if that’s OK.

    It’s not a US selling point, but Saab’s BioPower (e85) range sells well in markets that are set up for the fuel. Primarily Sweden and France.

    It’s not something they have in their literature, but for me the unique thing about Saabs of old was the combination of comfort, performance and utility that you just couldn’t get in anything else. That was due to the massive cargo capacity and speed of the higher performance hatches. They lost that claim to some degree when they dropped the hatch and the SportCombi hasn’t reclaimed it yet.

    A future Saab hatch would do wonders for the company and I think there’s a number of old heads in Sweden that are planning one for the next iteration of the Saab 9-3.

    Thanks again for the opportunity.

    Oh, and in case you missed it on the chat – Trollhattan Saab is now an archive only. The active site is

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    Steve, I guess we’re both pleased that Saab’s now free of GM – or at least has the potential of being rid of GM meddling.

    Given some of the questions in the Live thread above — I think it’s important to look to the future. A lot of the comments seemed to indicate a wish for the kind of vehicle Saab could have built in the early 90s. It’s soon 2010, and we’re looking at a distincly different future for automotion, one where a company with Saab’s independency, genius and willingness to explore can make a difference.

    I’d love to see what they come up with along the lines of alternative drivetrains, different vehicle concepts, etc. Something the Swedish gov’t apparently is quite willing to support, according to reports.

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    Swade – nice to see you over here. SaabsUnited is seemingly a better blog than Saab (under GM management) really deserves… you do a great job.

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    I would have bought anything Saab made before GM, but I wouldn’t touch anything Saab made with GM.

    I am looking forward to welcoming them back….

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    John Horner

    Any chance of a Saab-Fiat technical tie up going forward? The original 9000 was a platform mate co-developed with the Fiat Croma, Lancia Thema and Alfa Romeo 164. That 9000 was everything a Saab of its day should have been. Spacious, hatchback, quick with the turbo, solid handling, and supremely comfortable for long distance driving. Do it again Tony!

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    Robert, congrats on chat within a blog on the web site – that’s 3 layers deep – pretty neat.

    But then, I still remember being bowled over by Mosaic.

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    Well, you gotta look at the glass half-full here. Here’s hoping Saab can survive and thrive in the future…

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    Stein – pleased? Absolutely. I was chatting with one of the old school guy at Saab last night and he was really pleased. Another said the guys from the technical center were over the moon.

    I’m pretty sure they’ll still have a few tricks up their sleeve.

    Thanks all for the thoughts.


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