By on February 4, 2009

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10 Comments on “New MazdaSpeed3 Teased...”

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    I got a screen capture of the car.

    It kinda looks like a snubbed nosed last gen Toyota Celica with a real hach in the back.

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    Looking forward to the 3 year facelift/refresh and hoping they can make it not look like a pokemon anymore.

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    It looks even more wacky with the hood scoop. The old 3 is so much cleaner looking. I’m not sad though because this new one makes my old 3 look even better, and I won’t be replacing mine with a 3 anyway as I don’t need a car this big. Let’s get the Mazda 2 over here guys. Hell, at 2200 lbs you wouldn’t even need much engine to make it quick.

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    I am waiting on the factory option of adding fangs to the mouth on the front.

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    Couldn’t they just transplant the engine into an RX-8 and call it a day?

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    They had that entire gaping mouth and still needed to add a hood scoop? I was hoping the MS3 version would have a different front clip. Too bad also its a carry over engine (at least thats what ive been reading). GTI is still the better front driver, 1 series is still the better rear driver, and WRX/Evo are still the better all wheel IMHO.

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    is it still going to be a FWD, torque steering monster with a 2000 rpm (3000-5000) powerband?

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    SunnyvaleCA… That would be out friggin’ standing.

    Unfortunately, if they did that, they wouldn’t sell any rotaries.

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    I like it, at least they’ve blacked out the normal 3’s silly grin and cleaned up the front fascia a bit. I think in addition to giving the car a proper hood scoop for the top mounted intercooler, the engineers were working on giving the car a bit more power, plus give it more pull in the top end (the car goes wheezy above 5500 rpm). I hope it’s a better ride, even though I’m about to put down a deposit on a current gen Speed3.

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    Throw a nearly 300HP turbo 4 in a little car, then electronically strangle it to keep itself from driving off a cliff.

    Ain’t competition great?

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