GM Increases Truck Production. Or Not.

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
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gm increases truck production or not

Despite looking at a half-sized Q1 production plan, GM says it will bump truck production in the month of March. Production will be restored and escalated in March at GM’s Flint and Arlington truck plants, meaning there will be more Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Yukon and Escalade models. So, uh, why? “As far as our 2008 and 2009 mix goes, we’re significantly down on 2008 models, where most of our competitors have a lot of 2008 to get rid of. So anticipating a spring selling season, we’d like to increase our 2009 inventory,” GM’s Pete Ternes tells Automotive News [sub]. GM’s truck inventory has dropped noticeably, from a 122-day supply on December 1. But with 90 days of light truck supply, there’s still no real reason to increase production. Most industry-watchers consider a 60-day supply ideal. So what’s up?

Theory One: GM is making dealers take on more inventory in order to qualify for incentive cash. Having long ago become addicted to cash on the hood and seasonal blowout sales, The General’s binge-and-purge production model is just business as usual in Detroit.

Theory Two: This is production vaporware: a play at creating feel-good vibes for GM’s most important “customer” of all: the United States Congress.

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Brewster123 Brewster123 on Feb 03, 2009

    Could it be that once GM shutters Oshawa Truck there will be a need to make up the volume shortfall south of the 49th? Just sayin'

  • Robert.Walter Robert.Walter on Feb 03, 2009

    2008 to 2009 mix? That seems novel. I agree, sounds good to say that you will increase, but then not do it and blame it on something that was blatently obvious to 5% of the people (insiders) at the time intent was announced. If they do go thru with it, does this mean a Double Red-Tag Sale in April?? (let the deflationary economy begin!!)

  • Whynotaztec Whynotaztec on Feb 03, 2009

    I did notice a huge Chevy dealer in the Boston area advertising 2009s only. No 2008 models left in Feb 2009? I guess that is a good thing these days.

  • Anonymous Anonymous on Feb 03, 2009

    They also make the trucks at the Silao Mexico plant. That is where Oshawa's production went. They also make pickups at Ft. Wayne, Indiana and I think the Pontiac plant is still open..