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Reuters reports that Chrysler Canada has been charged with a $500m CD ($400m USD) tax lien as a result of a tax liability reassesment. According to the document filed in Canadian federal court, the Canada Revenue Agency notified Chrysler Canada in 2002 that it owed “substantial increases” in taxes “targeting the pricing of automobiles and parts that crossed the border between Chrysler Canada and its Detroit parent” for three years starting in 1996. The document does not reveal the amount that Chrysler owes the Canadian government, but the $500m CD lien was filed against Chrysler’s Brampton, Ontario, operations. The lien is though to be the largest ever filed by the Canadian government, and likely represents an even larger tax liability than the lien amount. Chrysler is seeking shelter from the assesment in the Canada-US Tax Treaty, and according to reports, the court dispute has been shelved while the various governments negotiate a bailout for the auto sector. Needless to say, another half-billion in liabilities doesn’t exactly do wonders for Chrysler’s viability.

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11 Comments on “Chrysler Hit With $500m Canadian Tax Lien...”

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    “it’s just a flesh wound…”

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    Gardiner Westbound

    We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.
    Leona Helmsley aka The Queen of Mean

    The Canada Revenue Agency was all over me for a lousy $400. Notwithstanding filing a formal dispute notice, for over two years it harassed and threatened me with telephone calls and letters threatening wage garnishee, bank account seizure and other severe nastiness until I couldn’t take it anymore. I paid, though I still don’t think I owed anything.

    Chrysler evades taxes, a criminal offence, runs up a $500-million tax bill, and 13-years later Revenue Canada is still sending out friendly reminders. We need to fire a bunch of well-upholstered civil servants.

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    And after the government gets the $500 million from Chrysler they will get blood from a stone. Just as likely.

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    Screw em bring the jobs south of the border

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    70 Chevelle SS454

    Don’t think you guys get what Canada is doing. They’ve come to the conclusion that Chrysler is going away, so they’ve just nationalized all the plant they could within their own borders, prior to the bankruptcy or sale.

    Canuckistan just grabbed its own Lada factory.

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    This is just a property grab by the Canadian Mafia (Similar to Putins theft of oil facilities) for their friends and supporters…Chrysler should take what they can and bulldoze their factory to the ground.

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    $500m most likely is a fraction of what the tax payers put into that plant. [Helping build it for AMC/Renault, then sweetening the deal for Chrysler when they took it over]

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    Actually, if it is from 1996 to 2002, then it is Damiler’s bill to pay.

    Most M & A’s I’ve seen have clauses that state that in the event of a debt, etc occuring after sale it is the responsibility of the seller to pay if it occured during their ownership.

    (Or something along this verbage)

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    “Canuckistan just grabbed its own Lada factory.”

    Seems to me that the more appropriate Socialist analogy would be a taxpayer-funded bailout of Chrysler.

    Ripping meat from Chrysler’s bones actually makes the Canada Revenue Agency look good to me in a strange, Darwinian sort of way.

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    I though we had “free-trade” between Canada and the US. What happened to that?

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    Call me crazy, but I think maybe it might be time for Magna to restructure and consider the Canadian made car thing again. How long are they really going to be profitable making power-trains for the “Big 3”? It’s probably a long shot, but I’m sure they could get that off the ground if the market improves and they have innovative designs. The only thing is, they burn their bridges with whoever is left standing in America. That’s like Shimano making whole bicycles. No one wants to support a competitor.

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